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Top 5 Medical Universities in Nigeria (Must Read)

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The Latest ranking of the best medical schools in Nigeria has recently been published. The list contain as expected the best universities in Nigeria.

Check out the list below:

5. University of Lagos

Popular medical school in Nigeria. Founded in 1962, University of Lagos (or Unilag) desired to prepare professionals for our newly independent Nigeria. With a focus on research, teaching staff published more than 1,700 articles, with the majority of the publications coming out of a few medical, scientific and engineering faculties. The University has recently become one of the seven institutions that received research grant share of the $ 1.2 million presented by the Lagos State Authorities. A huge part of it is going to financing and improving the medical school.

4. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU)

Ahmadu Bello University is extremely well-known for having devoted lecturers, real, adequate facilities and standard structures, which make it one of top 5 places to study different critical courses like, for example, Medicine. People usually do not want to go to North, but if you do, I bet, ABU has no competitor in Northern Nigeria, when it comes to any medical studies.

3. University of Ilorin

One of the best places in Nigeria to study medicine is University of Ilorin is because they have in general everything you need, and what is more interesting, they do not go on strike. So there is very near absolute concentration in the Nigerian education system there.

2. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

OAU has a well-known medical college where plenty of critical diseases have been extremely successfully taken care of. It really makes sure the point of view that this is a great place to get appointed as a promising doctor in Nigeria.

1. Best medical school in Nigeria – University of Ibadan (UI)

At this moment, UI is yet in the list of top Nigerian schools to study medicine. This university is considered the best in Africa, as well as compared to a lot of other non-African countries. University of Ibadan has a close relationship with international institutions, including the Feinberg School of Northwestern University of Medicine in the USA, which sends its medical students to our UI’s teaching hospital. The main problem here is that a person needs to study and work extremely hard to make it to the list of admission, as there is often untold competition. Nigerian medical school is a great choice for everyone.

Was your take on this? Do you think that the University of Ibadan deserves the number spot or not? Share your comments below


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