Nigerian Scholars » The Right Way to Prepare for Examinations [Infographic]

The Right Way to Prepare for Examinations [Infographic]

Every passing year, numerous kinds of examinations are written all over the world by students in various schools and institutions of learning. Preparing for an examination isn’t always a funny experience because often times, we find that we have so much to cover and digest before the exam date.

This should always be the case if you take the right steps and actions in time before the examination. Here is a quick infographic that describes the important tips we often neglect that guarantee exam success. Enjoy it and please don’t forget that it’s only fair when we share.

The Right Way to Prepare for Examinations [Infographic]

Preparing for Examinations the right way

Helpful Tips

Preparing for Exams During the Semester

You are born truly smart and intelligent and you had better believe it. I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t think that. The problems we often face in our academic pursuits are as a result of lackluster attitudes towards taking the steps we need to take in discipline and perseverance. Nobody is born a dullard! Men like Ben Carson, the renowned talented neurosurgeon can attest to that fact, the fact “because we may be experiencing poor performances in our studies at our present levels of study doesn’t mean we do not have the capacity and potential to become outstanding in our various fields of study.”
All that may be needed for you to make that break may be a mental shift and a decision to begin to apply with discipline principles that will make you successful. I will share here eight steps that can help you prepare for successful exams during the semester. You may also be interested in other exam secrets and study tips available in our “helpful tips” category.

Attend your lectures diligently and don’t play with them

Lectures are where you will be told what is important for you to focus on at your present academic level. I’m often amazed at the number of students that have all the textbooks in the world for their courses and refuse to attend lectures. Textbooks are very good as I’ll soon emphasize but when they become an excuse for you to miss lectures, then you’re preparing for bad grades. As much as you can, don’t miss your lectures, take them seriously and always be on time.

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