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Statistics: Top 10 Courses You Will Most Likely To Find Many Geniuses

Top 10 Courses You Are Likely To Find Geniuses

There are geniuses in all the courses, but it is an order of the day to find a lot of geniuses in the following under-listed courses

1. Medicine and Surgery. 65% of them are geniuses
2. Electrical engineering. 55%
3. Law. 40%
4. Mechanical Engineering. 30%
5. Computer science & engineering. 26%
6. Economics. 23%
7. Pharmacy. 20%
8. Accounting. 20%
9. Chemistry and Biochemistry 18%
10. Chemical and Civil engineering 18%.

Opinion: Top 10 Government Agencies To Work For (SHARE THIS)

This is based on someone’s opinion

1) DPR = Department of Petroleum Resources

2) PTI = Petroleum Training Institute,

3) PPPRA = Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency

4) NNPC = Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

5) NCC = Nigerian Communications Commission

6) PTDF = Petroleum Technology Development Fund

7) AGIS = Abuja Geographic Information Systems

8) FAAN = Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

9) NERC = Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission

10) SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission


Helpful Tips:

6 Reasons Why You Forget What You Read

You need to always remind yourself that you have a brain so capable that you’ve barely used 10% of its capacity. You don’t forget what you read because your brain is incapable of the information you give to it. It often amazes us how we forget things we thought we had committed so much time to memorizing when we have barely left the library or reading hall probably a few minutes ago and we ask ourselves why we forget these things we intended to remember after committing so much time to study. There are six reasons I want to share with you that cause us to forget what we read.
1. Inadequate attention to what you wish to remember
2. Lack of revision or rehearsal
3. Interference of other activities during or just after study time
4. Repression of what is being learnt for some reasons
5. Wrong Nutrition or Diet
6. Lack of good rest and adequate sleep

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    do ABU offer economics and geography as a combined course?

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    can a science student offer psychotherapy

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