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What You Must Know to Settle Down as an ESUT First Year Student

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) has released the first batch admission list of successful students who have been offered admission into the institution and the Nigerian Scholars team wishes to congratulate all successful students so far on their admission into the university.

3 Reasons Why ESUT is a great place to be

ESUT is a prestigious state university that was founded in 1979 by Chief Jim Nwobodo as the Anambra State University of Science and Technology (ASUTECH) Enugu. See three (3) simple but profound reasons why you made a good choice to study in ESUT:

1. ESUT is located in a peaceful and serene pace:

ESUT is located primarily in Enugu state which is a very peaceful and calm geographical location in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. What this means for you as a student is that you can rest assured throughtout your academic pursuit that security will not be much of a problem.

2. ESUT is among the top 50 universities in Nigeria:

For ESUT to fall in the list of top 50 universities in Nigeria out of a total of about 120 universities in Nigeria excluding polytechnics and colleges of education shows that ESUT is indeed quite reputable in the country.

3. ESUT is a lively place:

Among the grooviest universities in Nigeria, UNILAG tops the list, we all know that but ESUT has a very good spot on the list and is a lively environment for exposure and learning especially in the field of Science and Technology where its focus lies.

What You Must Know to Settle Down as an ESUT First Year Student

ESUT Entrance [Photo Credit:]

Let’s proceed to other important things you need to know about ESUT that will help you settle down.

25 Tips to Help You Survive Your First Year in School

1. Go to all introductory ceremonies and orientations organized by the school authorities.

Do you truly need to attend yet another school orientation or tour? Yes. The quicker you learn your way around the campus – and around all the formality – the more calm you’ll feel and the better set up you’ll be when issues emerge.

2. Become more acquainted with your room mates and others in your residential area.

The individuals you live with, a large portion of whom are experiencing comparable and similar encounters and feelings, are your primary safety net – this first year, as well as for every one of your years. You may change room mates as time goes on, yet, simply take the time to become acquainted with your kindred first-year undergraduates.

3. Become more organized.

In secondary school, your tutors had a tendency to lead you through all the homework and deadlines for submission. In the university, your lectures will not give a damn whether you do your assignments or not and this can be cause a lot of students to lack seriousness in school. Lecturers post the assignments – frequently for the whole semester – and anticipate that you will be ready. Purchase a big wall calendar or plan book – whatever it takes for you to plan more effectively and be organized.

4. Locate the perfect spots for you to study.

It might be your hostel or apartment or a comfy corner of the library, yet discover a place that works best for you to accomplish your work effectively – while evading however many distractions as would be possible.

5. Go to class and attend lectures.

Self-evident and obvious, isn’t that so? Possibly, however resting in a little more on your bed and avoiding that 8 am class will be enticing on some occasion. Stay away from the temptation and ensure you don’t miss classes as much as you can. Other than assimilating the material by going to classes, you’ll likewise get basic data from the lecturers about what’s in store on tests, changes in deadlines, and so forth.

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ESUT School Fees Structure

This school fees structure was adapted from one of our updates on ESUT’s school fees schedule and is the school fees schedule for the 2015/2016 academic session.

Schedule of Fees 2015/2016 Academic Session

S/NYear of StudyCurrent Fees 2015/2016 Session (₦)
1.Year One (REGULAR)124,900.00
2.Year Two (REGULAR)124,900.00
3.Year Three (REGULAR)124,900.00
4.Year Four (REGULAR)124,900.00
5.Year Five (REGULAR)124,900.00
6.Mature Students (MSP)
Year One124,900.00
Year Two124,900.00
Year Three124,900.00
Year Four124,900.00
Year Five124,900.00
Year Six104,900.00
7.Post Graduate Students

Do you think the school fees are too expensive? Please leave a comment.

ESUT Anthem

ESUT’s anthem is not a difficult one and every bonafide student of the school should be well acquainted with it. See the lyrics below:

“We are the children of Enugu State University of Science and Technology. We shall cast all dreams of case away And put on the Armour of Technology. Our Mother State, Enugu demands our best. This crucial hour, we shall never rest on our oars till all endeavours of our days are fulfilled.

Retrain: Technology for service. Service to humanity. Our Alma mate’s pledge this is We vow to work with hands, heart and Knowledge to win a worthy prize For mankind.

We hail our founding fathers; their foresight and devotion, Steadfastness and forbearance And self-reliance and animation. It is our turn to nurture Our patriots’ golden treasure, With one accord to give us might, We’ll make our world a better one than this.”

Getting an Accommodation in ESUT

There are two options as regards getting an accommodation for any new student in ESUT. One option is to stay outside the campus otherwise known as off-campus. 

In choosing this option, a fresh undergraduate in ESUT has to be extremely careful to avoiding falling into the hands of cultists or fraudsters. Don’t rush to get just any place. Ask around and ask mostly elderly people or friends in higher levels after you have made some and are sure you can trust them.

The second and recommended option for accommodation in ESUT is to stay within the school campus, in the hostels.

What You Must Know to Settle Down as an ESUT First Year Student

ESUT Hostel at the Agbani Campus [Source:]

Hostel Accomodation for UTME Students

ESUT has hostel accommodation for new students in the Agbani campus of the University. Agbani town also has several private hostels and accommodation available. Preference is given to new students during the hostel allocation exercise.

Hostel Accomodation for Pre-degree Students

The ESUT Pre-Degree programme has hostel accommodation for students in the Nsukka campus of the University. Your accommodation will be allocated to you during registration of you choose the Hostel Accommodation option.

What is the accommodation fee?

The accommodation fee is (Twenty Thousand Naira) N20,000 naira only for one academic year.

How can a student secure an accommodation?

A student can secure an accommodation by visiting ESUT site and register after approval is given and a space temporarily allotted for the student.

How long will the space be available after allocation and before payment?

The allotted space will be available for 2 weeks after which the student looses the accommodation and the system automatically re-assigns the room.

Where are the hostels located?

The hostels are located at the Agbani campus of the University.

ESUT’s Admission Process and Requirements

The Academia™ manages the key areas in the Admissions process within the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). From Post UTME screening tests to verification of WAEC and NECO results and publishing of the admissions list, the Academia™ system manages the process with the provision of reports and statistics in graphical representations.

The system manages the entire process from the request by departments with the maximum number of admissible students to the verification and subsequent automated generation of the admission or matriculation number.

SMS alerts on the status of the registration are sent to the candidates including matriculation numbers.

UTME Candidates

Candidates have completed or are about to complete a full course of training in a secondary school or in an institution of equivalent states.
They are sixteen years of age or above on the first day of October in the year of their candidature.

Direct Entry (DE) Candidates

Two passes at the advance level with NECO/SS/GCE ‘O’Level credit passes in three other subjects at not more than one sitting.

Let’s get to some story for those of you that like reading long story. These additional information should help you get to know more about ESUT.

ESUT’s History

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) was originally founded as ASUTECH on July 30, 1980.

The University was conceived with the aim to establish an institution that must be closely related to society, its industry and above all, serve as a catalyst in the technological advancement of the people, hence the University’s motto remains, “Technology for Service”.

The enactment of the law establishing the University by the then Anambra State House of Assembly was followed by the appointment of late Professor.

Kenneth Onwuka Dike as the first President and Chief Executive of the University and the inauguration of the first Provisional Council of the University with late Professor Onwuka Dike as its first Chairman/President.  (Oct 1980 – Oct 1983).

Later, Professor Chinua Achebe was appointed Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council with Professor Chiweyite Ejike as Vice Chancellor (1987 – 1988).  The Management team of the University at that time included Mr. F.C. Eze – Registrar, Mr. G.C. Akachukwu – Acting Bursar and Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Ene – University Librarian.

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ESUT’s Early Campus Structure

The University was established as a non residential multi-campus institution.   On establishment, the University which was conceived on a Presidential model after Harvard University made impressive landmarks and stamped its name as the first University of Technology and first State University in Nigeria with her main campus at Enugu.

Other campuses that were created later were located at Abakiliki, Awka and Nnewi.  At inception, only three faculties namely, Engineering, Science and Technology were established at the two functional campuses at Enugu and Awka.

In 1985, there were major re-organisations and policies resulting in the introduction of new programmes and the merging of the University with its sister polytechnic – IMT.  The new faculties created then were faculties of Education, Environmental Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Management Sciences and Agric Sciences etc.

The two merged institutions operated unsuccessfully under one Interim Joint Council (IJC) with Prof. Onwumechili as the President and Proc. J.C. Ene of IMT as Deputy until December 1986 when it was demerged.

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ESUT Today

To date the University has nine (9) Faculties with forty-seven (47) departments and a College of Medicine.

The Faculties are

  • Agriculture with 4 Departments
  • Applied Natural Sciences with 7 Departments
  • Environmental Sciences with 6 Departments
  • Education with 4 Departments
  • Engineering with 7 Departments
  • Management Sciences with 8 Departments
  • Law with four Departments
  • Social Sciences with 4 Departments
  • Medicine with 3 Departments

The University equally has a School of Post-Graduate Studies that offers P.G.D., MBA, M.Sc., and Ph.D degrees in various courses.

In the NUC ranking of May 2005, ESUT was adjudged the number one State University with the highest number of fully accredited programmes. In a similar rating thereafter, ESUT ranked the second best carrying capacity compliant State University behind Niger Delta University which came first.

ESUT’s Library

The library is a critical resource in learning necessary for research and development. The challenges faced by Nigerian tertiary institutions in developing world class libraries due to insufficient funding, has significantly affected the quality of education and by extension the quality of graduates.

The Academia™ Library system at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology is a fully indigenous solution built to the exact requirements of higher learning in Nigeria. It combines the management of physical books and educational reading materials within the library with access to over 50,000 electronic books on all subjects.

The system manages access to the electronic content and ensures that physical books borrowed from the University are tracked and returned as at when due for use by other students.

Upon creating a profile, the library interface will visible on the left-hand navigation of your profile page.

Access is restricted to only staff and students of the University.

Student Affairs in ESUT

Hostel accommodation, ID card management and other critical activities including the creation of the National Youth Service Corps list from the University is currently managed under the Academia™ platform.

You can apply and select your preferred hostel accommodation online after paying the required fees.

All students, from first year to final year are notified of their NYSC status at the end of every semester so that the student prepares for graduation from the very first year in school. The NYSC list is automatically generated by the system using the different criteria set such as library clearance.

Upon creating a profile, the library interface will visible on the left-hand navigation of your profile page.

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What more do you want to know about ESUT that you feel wasn’t covered here? Please, leave a comment!

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