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See JAMB 2017 UTME For 17th May – Latest Updates From Candidates

JAMB 2017 17th May Updates from Candidates

The 17th of May marked the fourth day of JAMB 2017 UTME, which began on 13th May, 2017 and will end on 20th May. The following are some of the updates from candidates that have written their UTME today.

See JAMB 2017 UTME For 17th May - Latest Updates From Candidates

1. Ella

wow i wrote mine yesterday 1:30pm batch to God be d glory it was a huge success tho the system gave me little problem bt i still conquered to all does writing 2day nd nxt pls take ur past questions serious especially government, economics they repeated questions from these two subjects

2. Tony

i thank God today , though it was stressful. my time was 9am but I entered hall some minutes past my advice for you guys still to write theirs ; read very well. in chemistry, read ur organic chemistry very well. in biology, know drawings very well and their correct label. Again, don’t depend on past questions because you will not see any. Good luck, waiting for the best outcome

3. Lanre

I don’t know what happened in my centre Cuz they said we should submit but the computer given tym has not finish… suddenly the computer just went off cut but we have not finish our questions I still have 27 mins to go on the computer but I don’t know why it did not let us submit ourselves @omuo oke ekiti

4. Bassey

For those of you writing for the remain days left for the on going jamb exam my advice to you is this;
1. Always read the instruction before you proceed. I wrote yesterday 7:am batch and it was awesome. Jamb gave some instructions in a paper that will be giving to student that will solve especially for science student. Some of the instructions are how to answer and submit. And other one which is very essential which is make sure you have answer atleast 10questions in all the subject or else you won’t have your result. That is wether you have finish doing ur e.g maths,chem,phy and you did not answer atleast 10question is your last subject combination,just know that you dont have result. I saw a post about a person not answering any question from his chem subject combination. If d persn dey see dis post just know say u nor get result.

2. Dont be in a hurry to start because from when you start its gonna be exactly 2hrs that you r going to end the exam. According to jamb if your time runs out before you submit it will automatically submit for you only if you with the condition that you av ans atleast 10question in all your subject combination or else no result for you. And if you still submit it yourself no result for you. If you choose the wrong answer it doesnt matter so far 10questions atleast are answered in all ur subject combo. Pls do the submitting your self by double S or use your mouse to click submit BY CLICKING END EXAM. If want to know if the questions you av answer is good to be submit it that is when you av answer atleast 10quest all round der will b an icon END EXAM DISPLAYED.

3. Locating and using your calculator. The calculator is @ the top right hand corner. Its has an exponetial(x10 raise to power)for values >1e.g x10^5 anything like x10^-5 you cant do it. You can only use the calculator with the mouse.

4.Pls read in instruction that will be displayed before your click start. You can even write some formulas that you know u will for get on your solving sheet before clicking start.

as i have earlier said about submiting it is best to submit when you have atleast 10sec remaining.
goodluck jambites

5. Isaac

thank God for the success of the exam
what are the names of Vanessa pets.
what was the relationship btw tayo father and Mr Murdoch
according to the novel trigger and Paddington were ?

6. Favour

At my own centre@portharcourt, Anpez Centre@no.11 unity estate off eliozu rukporku road, it was ok. Except dat i was scheduled for 9am bt started at 11:30am. The systems r ok, nobody system went off. CCTV evriwia both outsyd nd insyd. No p wit network also.

7. Jimoh

i wrote my exam at unilorin center4 kwara state by 1:30.the center was ok.we start at excert tym,no technical problem.for english very short reading passage with five question,almost 15 que from in dependence.phy some question was set from basic topic like measurement unit,work,energy etc.chem:gas law,chemical reaction,bond.biology:photosyn,ecology,food web and chain,habit and many more.but just read hard all is well.

8. Ogunlaja

The exam was sweet like can’t even explain,d English was just too simple,chemistry like basic science,physics like dat of ss1 nd d grand master mathematics kudos
Waiting anxiously for a positive result
I implore d remaining candidates to read further nd put ur trust in almighty God

9. Sulaimon

science student shuld read wide if u av been focusing on more calculation jex leave cuz calculation is not that much chemistry is much on 80per cent organic chemistry empirical formuler molecular formular concentration in mol/dm^3 just little calculation in physics english was simple register on fuel scarcity repeat of past question in math

10. Odoyibo

Guys today exam was k at my center no system malfunction,only they collected #200 for reprinting for those that does not have the big logo of jamb on their print out @christfus school ado nassarawa state but thank God am done with mine

11. Ayomide

I did mine at yabatech we started 13min to 10 a little bit late aside that nothing more. Everything went smoothly. Science student
Read more on ur organic chemistry and imperical formula
In biology cell biology, metamorphosis, ecology and plant and animal classification.
I think that’s the little I can recal now.

12. Olawale

I wrote my jamb 2day and it was gud.u better read ur buks especially science student
Biology; Evolution, Test of photosynthesis, Vitamin deficiency
Chemistry; Electrolysis, Electrochemical cell,Isotopy, Organic Chemistry, Models of Atom, heat of combustion.
Physics;Lens,Spectrum, Elasticity, Escape velocity, Electricity,Pressure, Projectile motion, Motion and so on.

Thanks to all the candidates for sharing their experiences. We wish all candidates that are yet to write theirs all the very best.

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