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What Do You Have To Say About JAMB 2016?

Finally JAMB has come and gone leaving many happy and others sad. My Advice to all who couldn’t make their expected marks is that they shouldn’t  loose hope that easily instead work hard for JAMB 2017 because you don’t know what the future holds for you.

Download 2016 JAMB Brochure Online Here [Updated]

Meanwhile I would love us to express and share our feelings about ‘2016 JAMB’ in the comments box below.


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  • Haruna

    Sme are try over 4x they couldn't make it. Jamb board officials plz, aply a justice at render the scoring marks of 2017 candidate plz, bicoh.

  • Believe

    What i hav to say about d Jamb conduct dis year is dat, since d system are very poor, d 40marks dat is been given 2 d first n second group, should also b added to all students n increase d Post Utme cut-off mark, i beg... Wakobiro ooooooooooooooooo

    1. Believe,
      i wish your thought could come true. But i dont think that will ever come to be

  • Abdul Bashir

    for those that did not meet the cut off marks they should resist for the exam next year

  • Godwin

    Jamb is nonsense

  • Mira D Activist

    i totally disagree with this years jamb and it wouldn't be funny if jamb do not do anything about this.it is very obvious that the results are wrong and so i therefore urge them to remark it....in my center no one scored above 200...why ?i do not know if there is a suspicion of malpractice in Festac...if there is ,look into the matter effectively and don't punish innocent ones with strange scores...u don't know how we worked so hard in order to pass this exam and also you do not know how our parents got the jamb fees ....despite the poor economic state of the country........and it wouldn't make sense if someone is given a conspicuously wrong score...please Dibu...u guys should remark this exam it ain't late.

  • This years Jamb is termed to be a fuck up Jamb. I regret ever writing it. Right there in the examination hall, there was malpractice... Infact, Dibu ojerinde will route in hell for this, because curses have been bestowed upon you because of this Jamb!

    1. Ella please calm down.

  • Ndubueze Akuchukwu

    I see it as a complete failure and an avenue to extort money from parents, as parents are not getting value for their money. Some people pay to see the paper before they go into the examination hall. A lot of cheat and system failure. We are not ripe for this. Most of the systems used by candidates were very bad. Lack of professionalism by Jamb officials.

    1. Akuchukwu, that's true! We pray the Nigerian Senate and House of Reps will do something about it

  • Hormolara

    I was so happy for d jamb I wrote for dis year 2016 even Jamb did mt added to my score I still meet up my cut off mark for d school I choose

    1. Hormolara, Thank God for you, Just work hard and next time you will surely achieve your aim

  • Emperor

    In every other countries in the world, there is nothing like JAMB apart from Nigeria. Okey, we brought this into the system first as pencil-paper test which was preferable after a while, something enter our brains and we brought in CBT in to the system which we can't manage. Maybe we have seen other countries using CBT to test their student and we copied it without knowing how to manipulate it and make it to be effective, this mess has brought those that know what to write into doom. This same mess made me to write three paper out of four because of it malfunctioning and even at that made me score below my work. 141 is not my score. Please what is the need of Jamb in the system?

    1. Emperor, When did you wrote your exam if i may ask?