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UTME 2018: 30 Possible Questions From The Last Days at Forcados High School

Summary of The Last Days at Forcados High School

Brief Description:

UTME 2018: 30 Possible Questions From The Last Days at Forcados High School

“The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H. Mohammed tells the story of Jimi Solade last days in senior secondary school. A combination of African family values and western influence on children.


1. Jimi Solade:

He is the main character in the novel. He is intelligent and very good in sports. He is also the health prefect, athletic club captain and best footballer. He won prizes such as the best Chemistry student and the best athlete.

He is a member of Tiger house. He won the 100m race and also won a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering.

2. Wole Solade:

He is the brother of Jimi Solade. He behaved in a very bad manner. He engaged in the sale and use of hard drugs. His father disliked him because of his bad behavior.

He dropped out of school because of his bad behaviour. He broke into the school laboratory and stole the new microscope and other stuff.

3. Mrs Solade:

A soft spoken woman and mother of Jimi, Wole and Femi Solade. She died of ovarian cancer. She took side with Wole when her husband made bad remarks about him.

4. Mr Solade:

Father of Femi, Wole and Jimi.

5. Efua Coker:

A tall, slender girl with large eyes and long eyelashes and a masculine voice. She went further to study medicine. She was a member of a group EGG whose aim was to cater for women and children.

Her classmates nicknamed her ‘’The Witch’’. Jimi Solade nicknamed her ‘’baby doll’’. She was a close friend of Miss Agbenenovi; a youth corper posted to Forcados High School.

She wrote a controversial letter to Miss Novi. She stood up for Jimi when everyone taught he masterminded the stealing of the new microscope and other stuff. She was expelled from St. Catherine’s.

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The Last Days At Forcados High School


1. This test is a test of 30 questions randomly selected from a large number of past UTME questions and you are expected to select only one option as your answer to each question.

2. You have 20 minutes which will be counting down at the top right corner of the test page to take this test and if you are unable to complete the test in time, it will automatically save and submit what you were able to attempt for assessment.

3. If you do not have an instant idea of a question you can skip it by clicking on the next button, you can re-attempt the skipped question when you have attempted others.

At the end of the test, you will have access to the various answers for the different questions and some explanations and if after going through these answers, you feel any answer is incorrect, leave you complaints and opinions in the comments section below.

Once you are done with the test, click on “Finish Test” to see your score and then “View Answers And Explanations” to see the explanations and answers to the questions.

If you are not yet done with the test but wish to end it, click on “End Test [Questions Review]” and then on “Finish Test”. You may also click on “View Answers And Explanations” to see the answers and explanations as well as on “Take Another Test” to restart the test with a different set of questions.

Good luck!

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