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How Prostitutes Help Male Students Get Marks In This School

– Male students hire prostitutes or use their girlfriends to satisfy lecturers. Students say they do not panic when exam approaches. Findings revealed that they pay between N10,000 and N20,000

A recent fact finding mission by The Punch has revealed a Nigerian tertiary institution where students sleep with lecturers or hire prostitutes for the teachers to get good marks. In the case of a lady, she has to sleep with the lecturer in order to get an A grade or refuse to do so and keep failing.

The norm in Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo state is that you either have sex or forget about the marks. Although it is almost a known phenomenon all over the world for randy lecturers to take advantage of their female students, however, the level of desperation in Auchi seems to be out of hand.

In a chat with The Punch over the phone, a HND student of the school, said: “The better ones among the lecturers give us the option of paying by cash for the course or finding a lady who will sleep with them on our behalf before we can pass. Passing a course costs us between N10,000 and N20,000.”


Auchi Polytechnic

Alex, from the department of Accountancy, explained further that “Paying by cash is for those who want just a pass. But if I find a girl who will sleep with the lecturer on my behalf, I’ll get an A, for sure. I’ll get at least 90 per cent in the course, even if I write nothing exceptional in the exam.

This option of paying with money instead of sex only comes from about one or two of the lecturers out of 10. “Some of the lecturers tell us point blank that they don’t need our money. They will tell us to find them ladies who will sleep with them before we can pass their courses.

They teach very important courses, so you cannot ignore them. “They will keep failing us until we’re given notice of withdrawal from the institution. It’s something that has happened to a friend who claimed to be a born-again Christian. The guy wrote the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination afresh and is now at the University of Benin.

“So this is what we guys do: If I have a loyal girlfriend and I beg her, she can sleep with the lecturer on my behalf. The lecturer picks the hotel of his choice on the day we have agreed. I will book for it. I’ll order for the meal he’ll eat before the action. He will sleep with my girl and give me my A. I’ll give the lady my name so that the lecturer will know she’s from me.

“But if my girlfriend says no, then I have to hire someone else. I will get a prostitute from outside, pay her, book for the hotel the lecturer has picked, order for their meal and then I get an A in his course. I have done this for three lecturers now. “The reality is we can’t pass their courses by mere brilliance. Only one or two lecturers are sane in my department.

They don’t ask for anything. We read hard to pass their own courses. For the rest, sex is the key. This is why most of us don’t fidget when exam period approaches. We know the way out. The lecturers have shown us.” Dickson, another male student of the institution, stated that he does not wait until he is stranded before he gets money to do the fixing, therefore, he usually budgets some money right from the beginning of the semester to hire prostitutes who will bail him out.

“I love my girlfriend and can’t allow her to sleep for me. Some other guys do that. They beg their girlfriends to help them. It’s not a coded thing. We all discuss it. The prostitutes make serious money from us, all because of the extent these lecturers have gone.

“Apart from the money my parents give me, I hustle on my own in the school. If I want to pass a course now, I need to budget at least N20,000 for it — N7,000 for hotel booking, N3,000 for meal and N10,000 to pay the prostitute,” the student said quite effortlessly.

Asked how he hustles on the campus, he said he co-founded a computer centre outside the school premises from which he makes some money. Lending his voice to condemn the lecturers, Bisoye Odubona, a lawyer and social commentator in Lagos, said the “devilish practice” by the lecturers might make these students turn into riff-raff.

“How will a student get N20,000 to pay the ‘total package’ on a course, all because of a randy lecturer? Don’t be surprised that these students might be stealing laptops and smartphones of their colleagues and selling them in order to raise money just to get an A.

“I know sexual harassment happens in tertiary institutions, just like everywhere else, but I never knew it had gone to this level. These are the lecturers turning our graduates to riff-raff. They deserve a cruel punishment if they are ever caught and I hope they are,” he stated.



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  • Jason Patrick

    Another exposé on the extent of deprecation in the Nigerian Educational system. Lecturers are paid, who can't pass knowledge, but prefer recieving "onyinye" from students to give 'em grades. This nonsense must stop, else the system totally crumbles.
    I wonder what the authorities are doing about it.

    1. @Jason, these are the problems facing the Nigerian Educational System. My advice for Nigerian students would be to go after education themselves irrespective of the system. Thakfully, there are a lot of great online education platforms out there.