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OOU Post UTME Practice Exam for OOU Post UTME Candidates

The following OOU Post UTME Practice Exam is designed with OOU post UTME past questions and using the current OOU Post UTME CBT structure and exam format. If you are an OOU aspirant who will be writing the coming OOU Post UTME CBT, you should find this CBT practice platform helpful.

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How OOU Post UTME is Structured

OOU Post UTME exam should be easy to scale through if you prepare well. As far as we know, based on last year’s exam format, the examination is a Computer Based Test (CBT) of 50 questions to be completed in 30 minutes and the questions will be mostly based on the subjects you have done in your JAMB or related subjects with questions from Current Affairs as well. For instance, a Medical student should expect about 10 questions or so each from English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Current Affairs. Also, the Post-UTME score is over 100.

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Some Useful Tips:

In order to perform well in the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) post-UTME examination, you need to read in between the lines carefully, as you would do in any other exam. You won’t regret paying substantial attention to each question as they appear on your computer screen while being as fast as possible.

As has been mentioned earlier, if you did well in your JAMB, OOU post-UTME exam should be one of the least things to worry about if you have studied well as you did for your JAMB. The only challenge you might have is with the Current Affairs questions.

OOU hardly asks the normal conventional hard questions that some other institutions ask in their post-UTME. They simply want to test your speed and accuracy as well as your general knowledge of current affairs. Again, OOU asks current affairs in their post-utme exam, so you might want to get a current affairs booklet to acquaint yourself with some facts as you prepare for this year’s post-UTME exam. You can also see some past Current Affairs questions from OOU.

Here are some examples of Current Affairs questions that OOU asked a previous set in their post-UTME exam:

Where is the World Bank located? (a) New York (b) Washington D.C (c) USA (d) America 

Off course, the answer to that question is B.

What is the capital of India? 

Who is on the 20 Naira note?

Who is on the 100 Naira note?

For English Language, you ability to know the difference between past and present tense will go a long way in determining your success in the exam. You can quickly also see this tutorial on English Language Structure to help you with tenses.

Scoring more than 25 out of the 50 questions should be your target as it will make your chances of getting admission high and based on the experience of many present OOU students, it should not be hard to attain.

OOU Post UTME Subject Combinations

Apart from the additional Current Affairs, the subject combination that is most likely to be used for your post UTME examination in OOU will be similar to the subject combination that you used for your JAMB.

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OOU Post UTME CBT Practice Exam to Give You an Idea of What to Expect

The following OOU Post UTME practice exam contains authentic OOU post UTME past questions, and as such, it should be sufficient to ease your tension and prepare you for the exam. You should take the exam using your JAMB subject combination or similar subject combinations for your course or faculty. We recommend you take at least 5 or more practice exams before you sit for your post UTME.

The OOU post UTME practice exam has English Language and Current Affairs as compulsory parts of the test just as it is in the OOU post UTME screening examination. The other subjects are dependent on the course you wish to study. Again, in the real exam, OOU might separate exams by faculty. In other words, different courses might share the same the subjects. At the end of the practice exam, you will have access to the various answers for the different questions.

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