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Nigerian Students and Youths Association: The Nigerian Revolution

Nigerian Students and Youths Association: The Nigerian Revolution

There is no progress without some kind of struggle. Whether vigorousl or gently carried out, struggle make us well built and ready to grow. Look up the date on the calendar as we mark it as the beginning of the Nigerian Revolution. Not one of violence, No, rhe Nigerian revolution we propose is one void of brute ideals and belligerent patterns of operations, it’s not a fight against government, it not a fight against any body or party, as a matter of fact, it’s not a fight “against”, it’s a fight “for”…. It is a fight for National interest and we say “National” in the right sense of the word.

The People that make up this country. Proposals are easy to make, ideas come and go; but we forth put a notion that will work and more importantly, one which is organic and can be integrated into the system. For this we know, if we await the government to give us basic amenities, the messiah may never come, and even if he does, it may not be in our generation. So what’s the reason for all the wait, it’s been 108 years since we became a nation, 58 years since we became an independent country; the time has come for us to take our destiny in our own hands.


This Nigerian revolution we propose is The Agricultural revolution, as cliche as it sounds it’s the time for us to gets our hands into the richness of our soil.

We require a full blown legitimized agricultural system, one that included every hand into the whole. A part of our legal system is required here; the idea is to change the organization of our educational sector, the term is restructuring. Restructure the system in such a way that it would integrate the largest resource the country possesses, Human Resources, in Nigeria; comprising of students of tertiary institutions and unemployed youths, to finally utilize the vast uncultivated, fertile lands of Nigeria, to go into Agriculture, and generate billions of dollars for the economy even more than we could in the golden age of Nigerian Agriculture in 1963. What we did that with just palm oil was unfathomable!

Mr/Miss reader, when you travel through the high ways, do you want to see farms or uncultured bushes that consume our lands and have zero benefits. Yes, we are Africans, we may not be good at technology, but we sure know how to farm.

The unwanted grasses we see that even grow on our fences are trying to speak to us, they tell us our soil is fertile!

Human population is growing everyday, and needs are rising , Agriculture would outlive all sectors of economy any where in the world. Join us, this day as we start the Nigerian Revolution, the Agricultural Revolution.

All the Greatest Riches In the Country- AGRIC.

Change begins with me.

National Publicity Secretary, Nigerian Students and Youths Association,

Comr. Oyiga Stanley

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