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Niger State Govt. Extends Resumption Date for Primary and Secondary Schools

The Niger State Government has extended the resumption date for primary and secondary schools in the state. Details are as follows;

In line with our revised academic calendar, Basic and Secondary Schools are scheduled to resume the first term of the 2020/2021 academic session. However, because of the resurgence of COVID19 in a second wave that is producing more positive cases through a variant that is also infecting the school-age group (10-35 years), the
Ministry has considered and accepted the necessity of extending the school resumption date to 18th January 2020.

This decision as painful as it is because of the months of academic work earlier lost was taken after due consultation amongst stakeholders that included the Ministry of Health, and COVID19 Taskforce among
others. Indeed, it is a demonstration of our commitment to take actions that are always in the best interest of our pupil’s students, teachers, parents, and society at large

While pupils and students remain at home as required by this notice, the Ministry urges parents and communities to stay safe by complying with all COVID19 protocols. We urge you to avoid social gathering, maintain physical distancing, wash hands in recommended ways as frequently as possible, disinfect and keep the environment clean and safe for the school-age bracket and the community in general

On our part, the Ministry would continue to closely monitor the situation and would be too much to take to make our schools COVID19 free for the school-age bracket to respond accordingly in the best interest of the pupils and students. No measure shall be too much to take to make our school COVID-19 free for the school age-bracket. However, the task before us is one of collective obligation that requires all hands to be on deck. Therefore, the Ministry is soliciting the cooperation and involvement of all stakeholders in this trying period for education and society in general.

As we look forward to 18th January 2020 which is the new resumption date for commencement of the first term of 2020/2021 academic session, the Ministry reassures all education stakeholders that the government will continue to do its best in keeping our schools safe for the school-age bracket.


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  • Orimus Godwin

    The government day of monkin we are good students, but the only thing that minister of education do to us, we are a not happy for that, because our school is scattering
    all the class room is breaking the chair
    we don't have good chairs some of students are sitting down in the ground. hmmmmm know wahala the address of our school Zing local government area, monkin lonyu, les God show us a way