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N228Million Won By FUTO Student In Entreprenuerial Challenge

Ugwu Anacletus who just graduated from Federal University Of Technology Owerri (FUTO) has revealed to fellow student and blogger, Excel Anayo on how he won a total amount of 228 Million Naira from some entrepreneurship awards.

This was first revealed on Facebook as Blogger Excel Anayo then made a cover up interview afterwards with him courtesy of his blog at nigerianuniversityscholarships.com

He just placed a Lexus RX350 as a cover picture on his Facebook Wall, showing that he might just have acquired the ride to celebrate his recent successes. 11219094_905947079512541_5064911972798401084_n

Now enjoy the interview below.

How I Won 228 Million Naira – NUS Entrepreneur of the Week

Ugwo Anacletus is the first to be interviewed in a series of weekly interviews which will be running on the NUS website from this week on. The interviews will be placed under the category: ‘NUS Entrepreneur of the Week’.

Ugwo Anacletus has a biography that would be the envy of most young men. Below is a little from his Biography, which he generously provided for this interview:

Born into the family of Hon. Barr Ugwo Cletus in Umuoma  Oboama Nguru Aboh Mbaise in Imo State, Nigeria, Ugwo started on a good note academically. It is however pointless to argue that he is a brainiac with a difference. He won cups and awards while in secondary school in competitions like Cowbell Mathematics competition, Nigeria Secondary School Students English and French Competition to list but a few. Ugwo is a creative mind with ten books to his credit.

Other interesting facts are:

He emerged the World Best Biologist Student in August 2013 in the undergraduate world competition held in New York, USA where more than six hundred and fifty one schools participated.

He was a speaker in UNESCO Award Education for sustainable development in Japan in 2014. He has honours from University of Ghana, University of Toronto, Canada and currently a final year student of Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Recently was awarded by chartered institute of management accountants (CIMA) as a CIMA management consultant. And a graduate of Microbiology from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

He took time out from his busy schedule to discuss with us. We hope you enjoy the reading.

What you inspired you to start up the ANAKCO PALM FARM CARE IDEA?

It was the saying, the Future is not something we enter, rather, something we create. To me Anacletus, i belive that thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle without the single candle shortened. It is clear that the proposed oil mill in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State is an attempt to promote and encourage socio-economic and human development in the area, create employment opportunities for the youths and create means of generating more revenue for the local government. Hence, it is clear that the proposal presents a new dimension of development. ANAKCO PALM FARM is willing to restore the lost glory of palm in NIGERIA and West Africa.

You won the Nigerian Society of Engineers Innovation Competition with a prize of 20 million naira and came second place at the Global African Investment Summit with a prize currently over 200 million naira. How did you get to hear about the competitions?

I follow various websites for information regularly. An example is opportunitiesforafricans.com and nigerianuniversityscholarships.com. And i ensured i applied promptly for various ones. I got a letter from my local government to back my application for the NSE competition and that helped in some ways.

What are the major issues you had to overcome?

I had to overlook  my FUTO (Federal University of Technology, Owerri) education, and finally came out with 2’1 (2nd Upper Class Degree). I never wanted it to disturb me or hold me back from my ideas. Going to class was a problem, i was always so busy. My reading was always either in a car or flight, on the way to one program or the other.

I have traveled to over 49 countries in the world either for one program or another.


Anakco palm farm care is a palm farm and oil mill that cultivates, harvests, processes palm fruits into end products of palm oil, palm kernel oil, and other by-products used for the purposes including as cooking oil, in margarines, noodles, baked goods, bio-fuel, soaps, detergents and surfactants, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other household and industrial products.

Based on several consultations, conditions and considerations on the business, I decided to run the palm farm business in an undeveloped community in Aboh Mbaise part of Imo state Nigeria, known as Oboama Nguru community. More reason why I chose the site is due to the land fertility, high rate of rainfall which is favourable for the cultivation and production of palm and palm oil, easy access to palm fruits from the farmers, extensive land etc. Due to the temperature, humidity, river and other environmental conditions favourable for palm growth, I chose my site.


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