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List of Courses Offered at Bingham University


  • what’s the cutoff mark for medicine and surgery

  • Adesoro Evelyn

    I got 59 points as calculated by Jamb’s model will I be able to study medicine and surgery with this?

  • Nwarime Ngozi A.

    Is Bingham university offering GST / GES courses? I want to be one of your lecturers in that deptment with my masters degree in social studies education

  • Please do you offer MSc in mass communication

  • Taiwo Isaiah

    Bingham university is supposed to be a full fledged medical school and this is one of the main reason for granting it licence at inception.we do not expect mgt to derail from this goal where Ecwa is expected to showcase and establish it supremacy. If we really focus on it though the cost implication is quite much but GOD will always make the way out for the need of the university . Ecwa at highest level should not deviate from this goal which is purely the terrain and GOD given goal to Ecwa.Let the Ecwa at highest level up to Bu take note of this calling.By now Ecwa medicine should be among the best six in the country.

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