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LASU 2015/2016 Academic Calendar Released!

LASU Senate approves new academic calendars for 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 academic sessions. The Lagos State University Senate on Friday, 10th July, 2015, approved new academic calendar for the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Academic Sessions.

Below is the newly approved Academic Calendar for the Sessions:

2014/2015 Academic session


1New Students’ Screening and ClearanceDONEDONE
2Students’ Resumption/Online RegistrationDONEDONE
5ExaminationsWed., 22nd July, 2015Tue., 4th Aug., 2015
Grading/Uploading/Dept. andWed., 5th Aug., 2015Mon., 24th Aug., 2015
6Faculty Consideration/Uploading of
7Senate meeting for consideration of resultsTue., 25thAug., 2015
8End of First SemesterTue., 25th Aug., 2015
1Students’ Resumption/Online RegistrationMon., 31st Aug., 2015
2LecturesMon., 31st Aug., 2015Fri., 13th Nov., 2015
3RevisionMon., 16th Nov., 2015Fri., 20th Nov., 2015
4ExaminationsMon., 23rd Nov., 2015Fri., 4th Dec., 2015
5Grading/Uploading/Dept. and Faculty Consideration/Uploading of correctionsMon., 7th Dec., 2015Mon., 28th Dec., 2015
6Senate meeting for consideration of resultsTue., 29th Dec., 2015
7End of Second SemesterTue., 29th Dec., 2015

2015/2016 Academic session


1New Students’ Screening and ClearanceMon., 30thNov., 2015Fri., 18th Dec., 2015
2Students’ Resumption/Online RegistrationMon., 4th Jan., 2016
3LecturesMon., 4thJan., 2016Fri., 18th Mar., 2016
4RevisionMon., 21stMar., 2016Thur., 24th  Mar., 2016
5ExaminationsTue., 29thMar., 2016Fri., 8th Apr., 2016
Mon., 11th Apr., 2016Fri., 29th Apr., 2015
6Grading/Uploading/Dept. and Faculty Consideration/Uploading of corrections
7Senate meeting for consideration of resultsTue., 3rdMay, 2016
8End of First SemesterTue., 3rdMay, 2016


1Students’ Resumption/Online RegistrationMon., 9thMay, 2016
2LecturesMon., 9thMay, 2016Fri., 29th July, 2016
3RevisionMon., 1stAug., 2016Fri., 5th Aug., 2016
4ExaminationsMon., 8thAug., 2016Fri., 19th Aug., 2016
Mon., 22nd  Aug., 2016Fri., 9th Sept., 2016
5Grading/Uploading/Dept. andFaculty Consideration/Uploading of corrections
6Senate meeting for consideration of resultsWed., 14thSept., 2016
7End of Second SemesterWed., 14thSept., 2016

LASU Students Celebrate New Academic Calendar

The Student Union Government (SUG) of the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo has commended the management for the new academic calendar approved by the senate of the institution.

The Public Relations Officer of the SUG, Mr Fatai Adebanjo, who gave the commendation, said that the new academic calendar followed the intervention of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, directing the senate to fix new date for the examination.

The senate had at its emergency meeting on July 10 approved that the harmattan semester examination would hold from July 22 to August 4.

A circular issued by the university on Saturday showed that grading, uploading of department and faculty consideration and uploading of corrections would hold from August 5 to August 25.

The circular also stated that the senate would meet to consider results on August 25, while the semester would end the same day.

“The institution will resume for the rain (second) semester on Aug. 31 for online registration and lectures immediately.

“Lectures will hold from August 31 to November 13, while revision will take place from Nov. 16 to Nov. 20.

“Second semester examination will start from Nov. 23 to Dec. 4.

“Grading, uploading of department and faculty consideration and uploading of corrections will hold between December 7 and December 28, while the senate will meet to consider results on December 29,” the circular said.

It added that the session would end on December 29. (NAN)

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