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See 8 Free Tutorials Available for UTME Candidates Writing Biology

Free Tutorials Available for UTME Candidates Writing Biology

Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin, and distribution.


The subject is quite broad and you can see the UTME syllabus here

However, here are a few tutorials that students might find helpful:

Biology 101: Introducing Biology

Topics explored include what life sciences is, how to draw biological diagrams, molecules for life, water’s importance for life, vitamins and minerals.

Biology 102: Basic Units of Life

Topics explored include cells as the basic units of life, molecular makeup of cells, cell structure and function, cell organelles, cell division, the cell cycle, mitosis and cancer.

Biology 103: Plant and Animal Tissues

Topics explored include what tissues and organs are, plant tissues, animal tissues, applications of indigenous knowledge and biotechnology and the leaf as an organ.

Biology 104: Systems in Plants and Animals

Topics explored include dicotyledonous plants, transpiration, plant wilting, skeletons, musculoskeletal tissues, circulatory systems in animals, bone and heart diseases.

Biology 105: Animal Systems

Topics explored include skeletons, the human skeleton, musculoskeletal tissues, human locomotion, bone diseases, circulatory systems, and cardiovascular diseases.

Biology 106: Biospheres to Ecosystems

Topics explored include the biosphere, aquatic and terrestrial biomes, environment, ecosystems, energy flow, food chains, food webs, nutrient cycles and ecotourism.

Biology 107: Biodiversity and Classification

Topics explored include biodiversity, classification schemes, Kingdom Monera, Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Fungi, Kingdom Plantae, and Kingdom Animalia.

Biology 108: History of Life on Earth

Topics explored include the representation of life’s history, mass extinctions and life’s history, impact of humans on biodiversity and the environment, and fossil tourism.

These tutorials do not cover all the topics indicated in the UTME syllabus but we hope they prove helpful.

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