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JAMB 2017 Mock Exam Holds Today – See Updates from Candidates

Remember that the 1st Mock Exam was a total disaster on JAMB’s Part as all their systems totally crumbled to pressure. Nevertheless, the 2nd Mock Exam to test how prepared JAMB is for the coming 2017 UTME, which starts from 13th May, is currently in progress.

JAMB 2017 Mock Exam Holds Today - See Updates from Candidates

This is the 2nd, and maybe the final chance JAMB has to show they are ready to conduct the 2017 UTME, without hitches. Even though the Mock exam is designed to test JAMB’s Exam Systems, it’s also an opportunity for JAMB candidates to have first hand knowledge of the new technologies put in place for the 2017 UTME.

Even though the Mock exam is designed to test JAMB’s Exam Systems, it’s also an opportunity for JAMB candidates to have first hand knowledge of the new technologies put in place for the 2017 UTME.

Please note that the MOCK exam is completely free for all Candidates. See tweet from JAMB below:

See some updates from candidates who have written the exam today

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1. Amusa Sherifdeen

Today jamb is currently conducting its much anticipated first ever mock. All things went fine @ my center in Surulere Lagos though they were some delays.

I was among the 7am batch, I and other candidates arrived the venue before the stated Time, we did our BioMetrics (Thumprints) Verification after which we waited till 8.10am before we were ushered into the hall. This delay was as result of the Co-ordinators waiting for other students who are yet to arrive.

Contrary to what jamb stated earlier that Mouse would not be use, we used mouse @ my centre coupled with the eight keys. Experience has proven that Using Mouse with the eight keys was in the interests of the candidates.

Use of English.
60 questions were set for the Use of English, The breakdown goes thus;
1 Comprehension passage,1Register, tests of Orals, synonyms and Antonyms, Syllabic stress,Sentence interpretation et all. questions were asked on lexis and structure, The questions sets from The recommended book “In dependence” were deep questions. To our surprise, it seems JAMB had gone through the over 200 likely questions that are online.

LITERATURE; Questions were set from the recommended books and poems, few questions were set from Literary terms and Figures of Speech.
Amusa Sherifdeen Reporting for UTME candidates.

2. Jane

Hello! The mock examination was successful although there were hitches. Biometric verification began at about 8.30am at my centre: Lizdav Academy, Mararaba Nasarawa State. At about 10.30am, we were checked in. We began the exam shortly. On the desktop, there was a box and beside it was written ‘enter registration number’.

When I entered my registration number, my picture appeared on the left hand side of the screen, and a box which shows “click to start exam” and on the right hand side was instruction on how to use the eight keys, A for option A, B for option B, C for option C, D for option D, S to submit exam, and arrows to move to the next or previous questions.

You’ll be required to click on ‘start exam’. When you do so, at the right hand side, you photo still appears, and at the left hand side, your registration number. The subjects were displayed on the top of the screen, the subjects were arranged in this manner: Biology, Use of English, Chemistry, Physics (for science students).

Use of English comprised of two comprehension passages, in the first, you are expected to read and answer questions on it, in the other, you are expected to complete some spaces in-between sentences. Lexis and structure was included, synonyms and antonyms, interpretations of sentences, oral english, were all included. There were few questions from the required text ‘Independence”.

The questions from independence were:
1. Tayo relationship with the women in the novel could be described as _____ (a) timid (b) temperamental (c)
2. The Ajayi’s usually do ______ when they wake up daily
(these are questions I can remember).

There were phrases from the text and you will required to state who made the statement.
In English, there were 60 questions, biology, chemistry and physics had 40 questions. Time allowed was 2 hours. The time was displayed on the right hand side as ‘120 minutes’. There is a manual calculator at the right hand side as well.
I guess this information is useful.

3. Emmanuel

The questions that gave me few problems in physics were:
1)electronics (semiconductor) which is not broaden topic even in textbooks
2)I think the sound waves for open pipes,finding the frequency equation of the 4th harmonic (3rd overtones).apart from that all of em were simple including P.E,equilibrium, electrolysis etc

For BIO the questions I found tough were;
1)functions of a liver where we were asked to pick one correct option,I saw two correct answer there which were a)removal of nitrogenous waste which is true the liver removes nitrogenous wastes by deamination b)was regulation of temp which is also cox the activities of the cells of the liver might increase or lower metabolic processes in the body which might increase or decrease the temp thus regulating the temp,but I chose option A sha cox it more convincing.
2) another question in bio which proved kinda complex the questions was on vegetative reproduction I’d employ you guys to grafting, layering,cutting,marcotting,budding and the scion-stock method of reproduction in plants,the rest were piece of cake.

For chem the difficult questions were;
1)the waste products given during reaction of ethanoic acid with ethanol(esterification rxn) it was difficult cox we were asked to choose 3products from a list of options which had similar products.the rest was simple.

For english: the passage was based bout the perks of pidgin language as a indigenous language,for independence I could only attempt 2questions before I was automatically logged of the questions were;
1)the customs in which countries houses were given names was peculiar to-a)England b)S.a c)Kenya d) France
2)”by the time they arrived at uncle kayode house the car was covered in snow; the question was who were the ones that arrived a)mama,baba,tayo and his two cousins b)mama,tayo and his two aunts c) and d) I can’t remember.the collocation section (fill in the gap passage) was from economics and industry registers which involved processing and manufacturing of products.

4. Godwin

reporting from Delta State, I wrote at Holy Ghost school, izomo ovwian. As at after 7am when I got there, they were already doing biometrics. I did mine and got in. Though they were some little problems like system shut down,and freezing of system when time is ticking still in the system. we were able to write and finish well by bye-passing the freezing by pressing ctrl+f5. We Thank GOD ALMIGHTY, amen.

5. Marvel

Finally… the much anticipated Mock Exam has came to pass, cool experience i must say, i was schedule to write by 7am though we commence by 10am but everything went accordingly as planed by jamb. 60questions in Use of english and 40 questions each for the other three subject.

The time is located in the centre page of the desktop. Your details at the top left corner. Subjects registered displayed on the straight line above. You can skip questions or subject to answer them later at your understanding, question answered ‘re highlighted in green while the one yet to be answer were in red for you to notice them quickly, you can use both MOUSE AND KEYBOARD and the Eight (8)key promised by jamb was totally in use. kudos to JAMB for that. Marvel reporting from PH, Rivers State. More report to come later in this night

6. Emmanuel Leesan

Yea both were available, u could use anyone u fashion.tho I heard some centres they only used keyboard.the calcutor however was the computer’s,tho cool.the questions were simple considering the fact that I started at 78mins out of 120 and still finished phy chem bio,did 10 questions in eng,still remained 37Mins before I was logged out.

The thing is I think time are fixed for sets from jamb office so it doesn’t matter which time u started once the time for set is done they are gonna shut down the servers.all this is gonna prompt me to get closer to God and fast days before the exam,I know God doesn’t abadon his own people.I’d employ you to the same

7. Marlene

Got there by after 7…Was cleared by thumb printing and checking for names in the list of candidates to write at the center… was assigned to my seat with my computer…Oya to start now, we couldn’t log in, It was showing ‘You can’t write the exam’, and ‘Exam ended’ at different times..Everyone got tired of waiting.. I even slept for almost 2hrs there..Some people even left to their homes, because by 12,we still haven’t started…Exam that was supposed to start by 7, started by AFTER 2!!!…I almost left for home before then, if not for the little patience I exercised.

The case of 8 key device, Which 8 key device?, People were still using the mouse jare, but I used the keys sha and it was easier for me, but it failed a little..I couldn’t go down to check the options and I had no choice than to use the mouse!!!..Imagine?!..I wrote economics, and I used the mouse to make use of the calculator, because I couldn’t use any of the keys there!..There were CCTV Cameras tho but I don’t think they were active..Please JAMB need to Improve and Make Amends before the Main Day!
My Centre: College of Education ICT Centre, Warri, Delta State.

8. Elizabeth

At my centre-National Open University of Nigeria, benin city, Edostate, biometric started early but we entered the exam hall 10:00am and started 1:05pm and ended 3:05pm. There were cctv cameras and both the mouse and keyboard could be used. The only problem is that we started very very late as against the 7:00am schedule..

Credit: Myschool

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  • when would we get the result for the mock exam?

    1. Lola,based on experiences from the previous JAMB exams, results are expected to be ready within 2 hours after writing the exams. In 2016, some candidates started receiving results before they got home. However, the case seems to be different this year. All we can do is to wait and see when JAMB will deem it appropriate to release the results.

  • i am very impressed by jamb system of cbt but, why should jamb allowed candidates who are still writing waec sit for this year exam? is too bad