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JAMB 2016: Structure Of Use Of English Language Questions

The 2016 JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) commenced on the 27th of February and it has been noted according to reports from candidates that there have been some major improvements this year. Kudos to JAMB.

Download 2016 JAMB Brochure Online Here [Updated]

However, for those of you yet to write, we though we should share with you the basic structure of the Use of English Language exam and how the marks are awarded.

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The 2016/2017 JAMB UTME English Language aims to test candidates in their ability to:

(1) communicate effectively in both written and spoken English;
(2) have a sound linguistic basis for learning at the tertiary level.

Basic Structure of Use of English Language

The Use of English Language comprises of three main sections:

1. Comprehension/Summary

(i) Each of the three passages to be set (one will be a cloze test) should reflect various disciplines and be about 200 words long.
(ii) Questions on the passages will test the following:
(a) Comprehension of the whole or part of each passage.
(b) Comprehension of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech and idioms as used in the passages.
(c) Coherence and logical reasoning (deductions, inferences, etc).
(d) The Last Days at Forcados High School, A. H. Mohammed.
(e) Synthesis of ideas from the passages.

2. Lexis and Structure

(a) synonyms
(b) antonyms
(c) homonyms
(d) clause and sentence patterns
(e) word classes and their functions
(f) mood, tense, aspect, number,
agreement/concord, degree (positive,
comparative and superlative) and question
(g) punctuation and spelling
(h) ordinary usage, figurative usage and
idiomatic usage are to be tested.

3. Oral Forms

(a) Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs
(b) Consonants (including clusters)
(c) Rhymes (including homophones)
(d) Word stress (monosyllabic and polysyllabic)
(e) Intonation (words emphatic stress)

Exam Structure:

SECTION A: Comprehension/Summary

(a) 2 comprehension passages – 10 questions, 3 marks each = 30 marks
(b) I cloze passage – 10 questions, 2 marks each = 20 marks
(c) 1 reading text – 15 questions, 1 mark each = 15 marks
= 65 marks

SECTION B: Lexis Structure
(a) Sentence interpretation – 10 questions, 2 marks each = 20 marks
(b) Antonyms – 10 questions, 2 marks each = 20 marks
(c) Synonyms – 10 questions, 1 mark each = 10 marks
(d) Sentence completion – 20 questions, 1 mark each = 20 marks
= 70 marks

SECTION C: Oral Forms
15 questions, 1 mark each = 15 marks

Total: 100 questions 65 + 70 + 15 = 150 marks

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Recommended Literature Text: The Last Days at Forcados High School, A. H. Mohammed


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