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JAMB 2016: Nigerian Scholars Express Their Feelings

The following are a few of  the numerous comments and opinions that a number of scholars have shared with us with regards to the 2016 JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME). It is our hope that JAMB will do something to make the CBT system better.

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I wish to state categorically that children who have been straight As students from Jss1 to SS3 , who made distinction in all Cambridge subjects, cannot have less than 300 in Jamb!
Jamb pls come to the aid of our children. They are our future! The future of Nigeria!
Pls let’s help and encourage our children to stay back and study here.
A lot of them get offered scholarship to study abroad because of their distinct and outstanding results!
What is happening to us in Nigeria?
Why would adults who had it better in their time make life difficult and unbearable for the young ones?
What happened to the position of geniuses?
There used to be appreciation for excellence!
Why do we now encourage mediocrity and easy way out!
Addition of 40 marks across board is indication that there was error and totally unacceptable!
The children’s exams should be recalled online, details of questions with corresponding answers checked and proper and fair marking done!
Then and only then can we move forward in this Nation!

I hav read my books like isaac newton and i know dat d score jamb sent to me which is 159 and lata dey aded 40 marks whhich made it 199 cannot b possible plsss i beg jamb to reschedule anoda date for dos dat wrote on sat and monday bcos i feel very disapointed.afta all my hardwork and efforts how could jamb giv me dis kind of score?plsss jamb shud do somtin abt it…plsss if jamb can call me to rewrite d exam again i am willing to prove it.i tink d problem came from d computer..or somtin els..plsss jamb help us..i want to study pharmacy and d score is not enof for my course.plsss look into d mata.thank u – Gracy

I think Jamb authorities should have the decency and enough integrity to admit their error and reschedule exams for all those who wrote on 27th and 29th.
Please do not toy with the destinies of these children so that posterity can smile on them as regards their own children too!  – Danielle

Plz jamb if u want to do pple favour. Don’t b centimental…u added marks for odas.my computer logged me out 5 times…I didn’t finish…u added for oda pple u didn’t add to some pple.it not fair…I called jamb customer care all of dem switched off… – Daniel

i wrote my exam on Wednesday the painful thing was that the portal submitted itself when am still having 1hr 27min well i know i have a father in heaven sha i answered only math and English completely on physics i only did 5questions while i did 20 in chemistry.my aggregate was 169 – Stephen

With gr8t bitternss in my heart, I took my jamb on 2nd and i encountered so many system error’s on my system to extent i couldn’t finsh up wit my maths & chemstry all of a sudden de system timed out before my time. My score was 157 and de additional 40marks wasnt added to me…pls help – Chisom

We also wish to congratulate the scholars who performed well in their UTME this year. Here are a few who shared their testimonies:

A big shout-out to Nigeriascholars for this great effort. I remembered some few  days to my exam day having studied so hard and done with my revision, i spent  some wonderful times here meticulously looking at those option before picking  answers taking into cognizance the new software jamb introduced. Here i am today, i made it! — Ola

U guys are cool . U really helped a lot , I wrote my jamb examination on Friday  & it was easy. I got 236. Thanks again I really appreciate — Precious

i thank God for passing my utme and a big thank you to nigerian scholars as  this helped me so once again thank you — Adedeji

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  • Gloria

    Dis is really absurd.....Even if jamb officials is dt heartless @ lest,ve conscience 4 dese candidates...... A lot of people ve been writin jamb 4 so many years still yet,no admission, some people have 2 lend 4 money from relatives,friends nd even family just 2 get jamb form still yet no admin.....some candidates got fed up dt dey committed suicide.......Am pleading 2 prof dibu nd any other jamb officials 2 come 2 our aids.......It making all candidates get pissed nd fed up....lyk me....I was only given an hour 4 my exam due 2 d lateness meanwhile,my center was very far....I got 182,I no and am sure of my self dt if I was given a tym,I would ve got more Dan dis....I wasn't espectin dis mark.....(sighs)I pray dis disappointment shall b blessings 2 all candidates

  • Favour

    i wrote mine on the 7th with proposed good system nd at d end of it i was happy hoping to get 250 nd above cos i studied hard for it upon my sleepless night nd all jamb sent me rubbish mark what will i use 176 to do? Jamb pls do something 65951319eh dat my reg no

  • JAMB please please remark or add 40 marks its so unfair after reading and all the sleepless night....my reg number66510562DA...pls help us all

  • Anonymous

    It was a big let down for my daughter...pls give us a reschedule@Reg no:65116998CC

  • Daniel Emi

    Xup JAMB thanks ooooo that you favoured me. Although i had 249, but what of my roomie that taught me and he had 170 its not fair @all. JAMB plzz put yourself in thier shoes and dont forget that what goes around comes around. Also one good turn deserves another.

  • Ndubueze Akuchukwu

    My daughter wrote her examination on the 7th of Feb. 2016 at Obibo in Rivers State. She started with system failure before it was rectified, as she first ran out from the hall to call my attention as the Jamb officials sent were busy assisting people who paid them money. In her English language, where she was asked to indicate the opposite in meaning of the underlined word etc. No single word was underlined, to enable her choose the correct word. I am indeed disappointed. Her result is out, she only managed to get 212 which will not take her to her choice of course. I cry for my country Nigeria.

  • Busola

    jamb seriously this is unfair,this is the first time I sit up late to study and yet all in vain,this is the most reason why most students give up nd also why Nigeria is not improving.plz I believed in what I wrote and the score I printed out is absolutely incorrect so am pleading let's those that fail rewrite.many worked hard to get the money for the form pleas hear our cry

  • Please nt just 27th and 29th. I sat for mine on the 12th, I was so happy after i logged in with my reg no with the ?s i was given, i finished b4 d estimated tym given to us and i even smiled out of the exam hall. But to my utmost shock/disappointment i was given 132( is that even blievable) for some1 with 255 last year as my score( thanks to jamb i look like a dumbskull with an ant brain who is so very unserious, even dummy can't get such score). I'm sure something isn't right. Please JAMB REMARK OR GIVE US THE CHANCE TO REWRITE IT IF UR SYSTEMS HAVE MESSED UP OUR SCRIPT. Please notify me when jamb are ready to that because THAT IS NOT MY SCORE

  • plz sir, I av work harder 4 this exam,at d end of it,i scored 172 whch is not suppose 2 be...this is my reg numb C35805250

  • Comments (required)jamb should find something to do about it......for christ 's sake,how will some people have additional 40 while some will not?? it is not heard of.....we need amendments from you...candidates aren't happy..just few are happy,majority are not......mine is on d 9th

  • Comments (required)it.'s so obvious that nigeria Education system has become so devastating where Some STUDENTS are given scores above their marginal score and Some their original score why the worst of ALL Some STUDENTS including me who have read their books from front to end are still deprive of their original score. When STUDENTS are jubilating because they know what they wrote after Some few hours they are sent rubbish scores. U know nigeria is an underdevelop country why will U introduce C. B. T where wrong markings are done chai JAMB 2016 HAS NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT..

  • Shegun

    I did my Jamb on 29th, that day was a bad day for me. The system was refreshing, asking me to enter my reg number..it did that like 5 times..I couldn't finish my exam. Despite my hardwork, effort, preparation..I later received message from Jamb that I score 188...my parents were very mad at me,abusing me, insulting me cus they never expected me to score that..I'm hereby appealling to Jamb to Pls do something abt it especially for those that did on 27th nd 29th...thanks...God bless you

  • The 40marks should be all round,I wrote my exams on the 2nd of March, when I was writing my system keep on refreshing,I was in chemistry number 7 when the system refreshed saying input reg number,it wasn't easy that day ,I got SMS from jamb 188. Chai!!!!!!

  • Comments (required) pls if dis 40 marks is to be added,pls make it fair to all hu av written tanks.i also appreciate for my score but it wasnt expected after all d efforts....

  • Eze Cynthia

    jamb pls let those who wrote their exams on 27th 29th rewrite their exams cos its not fair at all. I am also a victim, I want to study medicine and surgery and my result was 177 after so much hard work. I don't believe that score at all because I know how much I studied for that exam. jamb please have mercy our future lies in your hands.