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Indiscriminate Parking Prohibited On LASU Campus

The management of the Lagos State University (LASU) says it will no longer allow or tolerate any indiscriminate parking of vehicles within its campus and around the school premises.

According to the school authorities, vehicles arrested would be impounded and the owners will be sanctioned.‎ This information can be found in the University’s official bulletin which was made public a few days ago in Lagos.


The university has also announced via the bulletin ‎that indiscriminate parking of vehicles along roads and other unauthorized places within campus remained prohibited.‎

The bulletin also advised motorists to park their vehicles at designated car parks across the premises of the institution. It also said that the maximum speed limit for vehicles on the institution’s campuses remained at 30 kilometres per hour.

‎”While those orders have been in force all the while, the university management notes with displeasure that many visitors and even members of the university community are in the habit of flouting them. ‎

“Members of staff, students, the university community and visitors are hereby informed that this will no longer be tolerated as defaulters’ vehicles will henceforth be impounded and the owners sanctioned,”
he said.


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