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Igbinedion University Okada, Can You Face the Oppression?

Igbinedion, definitely a house hold name in Nigeria, if you are just getting to know this name then you are either new in the country or very young to know the trees that make up the forest Nigeria. Igbinedion University is owned by High Chief Gabriel Osawen Igbinedion, established 15 years ago in Okada, it prides as the oldest private university in Nigeria. If you are conversant with “the crazy life of UNILAG students”, then you would agree that Igbinedion University Okada is UNILAG’s closest match. Let’s explore Igbinedion University some more.
Igbinedion University may have been exaggerated in the past as virtually all the basic needs of students are inadequate. According to an informant of The  Bug Magazine (a final year student of the University), they enjoyed barely 4 hours of power supply daily. It was also gathered that hostel facilities were of poor standard.  However, the story is quite different now as there is a better and more conducive learning environment, more efficient power supply and newly installed generators recently provided by the school administration. But in all, it was discovered that it is easier for a guy to survive without light and water than it is to be without a car in IUO. 
An average Igbinedion student owns a car, it is virtually impossible to “set-p” without a car when all the girl’s friends go for lectures in their boyfriends’ cars or when you have lots of guys that don’t trek to contend with. But this is not a recent development, since the onset of the school, there have always existed two classes of students; those that oppress and those that are oppressed.
Top on the list of oppressors once were Richard and Gino. Gino according to the above-mentioned informant was as of 2013 a law student of the University and apparently the king of his village in Delta state. Rumour once had it that crude-oil was recently discovered in his kingdom (you should be able to translate that). Gino cruised as of the same year according to the informant a Range Rover Sport. 
Richard based on the information that was gathered graduated from the university as of the same year, 2013, but just before he finished school, you could have called him the richest undergraduate in Nigeria. According to the same source, Richard acquired assets worth over 11 billion naira from his late father and therefore became a multi-billionaire (with that much money, he could afford to feed the entire country and buy the top 10 most expensive cars in the world at the same time). As of then, he rode in a Jaguar Xk, British luxury ride. 
Folks like these dudes hardly stay in school and are always on the move for more millions. Do you have plans of attending or visiting Igbinedion University Okada? Are you ready to oppress or face the oppression? My advice, just be yourself!
Informant from The Bug Magazine.

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