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FCE Oyo 16th Convocation (Special), Over 12,000 to Graduate

About FCE:

The Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, took off initially as the Federal Advanced Teachers College for Special Education {FATC (SE)}, in May 1977, with academic activities taking off on 5th October, 1977. This was the culmination of years of planning dating back to October 1974, when the then Head of State declared the Government’s intentionv to establish a National Centre for Special Education Studies.

At its inception in 1977, the College was officially affiliated / attached to the University of Ibadan , by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) for growing, supervision and monitoring. All the earlier programmes of the College were conjointly developed and produced by the University of Ibadan Institute of Education and the Department of Special Education; the Nigerian Educational Research Council (NERC) as the NERDC was then called; the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) Special Education Department; and the College itself after many workshops and retreats.

All teaching and learning activities including lecturing by staff, examinations (question setting and marking), teaching practice and other practicums were supervised and monitored by the University of Ibadan through the Institute of Education and the Department of Special Education. In the end, the certificate awarded was that of the University of Ibadan .

This arrangement continued until 1993/94 session, when the College, considering Decree 4 of 1986, as amended by Decree 6 of 1993, which granted autonomy to all Federal Colleges of Education, had to demerge and started awarding the official National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), certificates.

FCE Oyo 16th Convocation (Special):

Federal College of Education FCE (Special), Oyo will graduate a total of 12,753 regular and part-time students during the convocation ceremony of the institution holding today (Tuesday).

The Provost, Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, Dr. Emmanuel Adeniyi, has advocated that more attention be placed on technical education as a remedy for graduate unemployment in the country.

Speaking ahead of the institution’s 16th convocation ceremony, Adeniyi lamented the growing rate of unemployment plaguing Nigerian graduates while also taking a swipe at the emphasis on non-technical education by Nigeria’s education policy.

“Unemployment is a global phenomenon and it is a worldwide issue affecting countries of the world like Brazil, Greece, Britain, France and Germany. Unfortunately, Nigeria is yet to design a sustainable programme that can end the problem.

“We must bring back and re-invigorate the technical education system if we must find solutions to graduate unemployment in the country,” he said.

While pointing out that funding could hinder the gains of mass production of technical education graduates, the provost called on government to re-design the funding system for youth, who acquire government-supported vocational training.

He also advised that tertiary schools should be attached to existing industries that would provide practising ground for the students while in school.

The provost added, “Every student must learn a vocational skill because this is the only way to make graduates to be self-employed, reliant and sufficient after leaving the school. We have heard of problems relating to funding but government can assist these young graduates with loans without attaching stringent collateral to them. Each school should also be linked to an industry that will need the services of the graduates.

“Here, they will receive the on-the-field training that will improve their employment chances and offer them the rare opportunity to be self-employed. We must bring back technical colleges and make the technical department of every institution very strong so that we can move the country forward.”

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