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BUK Extends Undergraduate Registration Deadline for 2021/2022 Session

BUK Registration Procedure: This is to inform all newly admitted students of Bayero University Kano (BUK) in the 2020/2021 academic session who have completed their Online Screening and were able to print their Acknowledgement Slips to visit https://mybuk.buk.edu.ng/ug/ to do their registration. They should take note of the following plans and abide by them.

LATEST UPDATE: The registration deadline for undergraduate students has been extended till Monday, 18th October, 2021. Students are advised to conclude all course registration activities and see their level coordinators before the closing date as complains relating to registration would not be entertained after the closing date. Any returning student that did not register during this stipulated time is advised to suspend his studies till next session.

Registration Procedure: You are requested login to the myBUK portal, print your personalized Payment

Invoice, pay the exact amount using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platforms, then login to the portal again to register for the courses. Make sure you pay the amount appropriately, as payment made different from what is on the Invoice would not allow you to proceed!

Registration Timetable: The following timetable will be strictly enforced:


6th September – Monday, 18th October, 2021. Registration of fresh and returning students


1. Registration means paying the appropriate registration fees AND COURSE REGISTRATION without any delay.

2. Fresh level 100 & 200 students are to check the University portal or visit their departments for the correct courses to register.

3. Returning Students are expected to see their 2019/2020 Second Semester results and contact their Level Coordinators for guidance before the Course Registration.

4. All students are expected to submit their course registration forms (CRF) to their level Coordinators for departmental documentation before the closure of registration.

5. Senate has directed that any student who fails to register within the specified time has to apply for Suspension of Studies for the Session within two weeks after the closure of the registration. Those who fail to apply for Suspension of Studies for the Session within the specified time would be considered withdrawn from the University. No Suspension of Studies for Fresh Students.



Amina Umar Abdullahi

Director, DEAR

For: Ag. Registrar

Earlier: BUK Registration Procedures for New and Returning Students


Students are strongly advised to adhere to the following payment procedure guidelines, as any deviation may result in delay or outright invalidation of your payment. Invalid payment results in invalid registration, which means expulsion.

Step 1

Make sure you have

  • Visit https://mybuk.buk.edu.ng/ug/
  • Successfully authenticated your studentship
  • Login to your account
  • Update your profile
  • Generate/print your BUK Personalised Payment Form (BUKPPF + RRR). Please note that your payment form now has a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) already generated for you and you do not need to generate another one. Registration fees are also reflected on student’s BUKPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform.

Step 2

You can now proceed to either

  1. Pay online using your debit card on Remita’s platform.
  2. Go to the nearest bank branch to make your payment.

Step 3

If your choice is Step 2(a), select payment on the menu, you will be presented with the following:

Step 4

click Pay with Remita Button

Step 5

You will be redirected to the Remita payment platform and presented with the following form:


Step 6

Confirm the following from the picture above,

  1. The browser displays an image of a padlock and the remita site name. Signifying a secured connection has been established
  2. The University Name and Logo is clearly displayed
  3. Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) which is the same as the one on your invoice is displayed
  4. The Amount due and the beneficiary of the payment
  5. Your Name is shown as the payer
  6. Your Phone Number and Email are also displayed

Step 7

Next select the mode of payment. After payment is successful, you would be redirected back to the school portal’s notification receipt as shown below.

Transactions Pending

When payment is made in a bank branch, and the portal still displays “Retrieval Reference Generated“; click on the check payment status button to query the current status of your payment. When the transaction is completed, it would promptly update your payment status and allow you continue your registration.

Registration Guidelines

A. Authentication

All students whether fresh or returning need to authenticate their studentship before starting the registration process.

Fresh students need their (i) Admission letter serial number, (ii) Jamb Number and (iii) Registration Number for authentication. After successful authentication, a username and password will be generated for them.

Returning students need their (i) Registration Number, (ii) Last Session’s Username and (iii) Jamb number. Password will be generated for them after authentication.

All passwords must be kept safe.

B. Login

After successful authentication, students can use their respective username and password to login in order to start or continue with the registration process.

C. Registration Procedure

The registration procedure is as follows:

i) Profile Update: Students must first update their profile. Note that students are strongly advised to update their phone numbers and emails as they are used on their BUK Personalised Payment Form (BUKPPF).

ii) Student Information Form (S.I.F.): After profile update students can generate and download/print their Student Information Form (SIF).

iii) BUK Personalised Payment Form (BUKPPF): Students must generate, download and print a BUK Personalised Payment Form (BUKPPF). Registration fees are reflected on student’s BUKPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform (click here for the payment procedure). Make sure you carefully read, understand and follow the payment procedure, as BUK will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry. Any misinformation may lead to unnecessary delay in validating and processing of payment. Payments can now be validated by the students via clicking check payment status at the payment page. NOTE THAT ALL FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE AFTER PAYMENT

iv) Student Payment Receipt (S.P.R.): After payment is validated and processed, students must generated and download/print Student Payment Receipt (SPR) in order to continue with the registration.

v) Course Registration: After printing the SPR, a student can register his/her courses. Students are strongly advised to seek the guidance of their respective level coordinators on the courses they are supposed to register with any limitations and/or restrictions.

vi) Course Registration Form (C.R.F.): After course registration students must generate and download/print the Course Registration Form (CRF). The CRF contains the details of the registered courses.

vii) Registration Acknowledgement Slip (R.A.S.): After printing the CRF, students can print the Registration Acknowledgement Slip (RAS) to acknowledge that they have successfully completed their registration process.

viii) Hostel Allocation This is inform all students interested in reserving bed space that, after the reservation, you have only 12 hours to validate the link send to your phone number or the space will be revoked. Similarly, Failure to make payment after validating within 48 hours will result in revoking the space.
Contact CIT in person with your ID Card for change of Phone number.

ix) Finalising Registration : Is mandatory and part of the registration excercise to contact your level coordinator before starting your course registration and after for cross checking and validation of your registration. Any student that failed to do so will be liable for any mistake made during the registration and his complain will not be entertained.

Students can logout and continue the registration at a later time.


Registration Starts on Monday 6th September – 4th October, 2021


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