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Arthur Jarvis University Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Session (Proposed)

Arthur Jarvis University has released its academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session. See the breakdown of the calendar below.

aurthur jarvis academic calendar

We are pleased to notify the general public, and most especially students of Arthur Jarvis University that the management of the institution has released the proposed academic calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session has been released. 

Arthur Jarvis University Academic Calendar


1. Friday 2nd Oct. 2020. Resumption (All students of the University are expected back on Campus.)
2. Monday 5th Oct. 2020. Revision/Examination Clearance (Revision/Examination clearance commence in preparation for the 2019/2020 First Semester Examinations.)
3. Friday 16th Oct., 2020. End of Revision/Examination Clearance (Revision/Examination clearance end for all students.)
4.Saturday 17th Oct., 2020. Matriculation (All 2019/2020 newly admitted Students are required to fulfill all requirements and be properly kitted for the Matriculation exercise. The Matriculation ceremony is strictly for students. Parents/Guests are not invited in view of Covid-19 restrictions.)
5.Monday 19th Oct., 2020. Examinations / Make-up classes 2019/2020 First Semester Examinations/Make-up classes begin.)
6.Friday 6th Nov., 2020. End of Examinations / Make-up classes (2019/2020 First Semester Examinations/Make-up classes end.)
Revision 2 Week
Examinations 3 Weeks
TOTAL 5 Weeks


1. Monday 9th Nov., 2020. Registration/2019-2020 First Semester Make-up Examinations (Course Registration begin for all Students. 2019/2020 First Semester Make-up examinations commence.)
2. Wednesday 11th Nov, 2020. Lectures (Lectures begin for all students.)
3. Friday, 20th Nov., 2020. Registration/Make-up Examinations End (Regular registration/Make-up examinations end. Late registration begins.)
4.Friday, 8th Dec., 2020. Christmas/New Year holidays (All students are required to vacate the University campus for the Christmas/New Year holidays.)
5.Friday, 8th Jan., 2021.All students (new and old) return back to campus.(All students are required to resume for a continuation of academic activities)
6.Monday, 11th Jan, 2021. Lectures Resume (All students are compulsorily required to resume lectures after the Christmas/New Year holidays.)
7. Monday 25th Jan, 2021. Lectures end/Revision (Revision exercise commence in preparation for the Second Semester Examinations.)
8. Monday, 1st Feb., 2021. Examinations begin. (2019/2020 Second Semester Examinations commence for all Students.) 
9. Friday,19th Feb, 2021. End of Examinations (End of 2019/2020 Second Semester. All students vacate the University campus.)
Lectures 12 Weeks
Examinations 3 Weeks
TOTAL 15 Weeks

(Director of Academic Planning
& Quality Assurance) 


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