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Apply For the 2015 CEREBRATION IQ Challenge

About D_Daniels’ Academy (the Organizers)

VISION:    Raising purposeful youths of notable character, intellectual vigour and societal influence par excellence.

MISSION: Our mission is targeted to encourage, assist and aid youths to achieve the following:

  • D – Discovery and pursuit of their life’s purpose,
  • A – Academic success,
  • N – Notable characters,
  • I –  Impacts and influence in the society,
  • E – Excellence in any/every sphere,
  • L – Leadership qualities.

We hope to achieve these goals via the following means:

  1. Organising annual purpose discovery seminars (such as D_PASS – The Purpose and Academic Success Seminars); weekly motivational forums, and other inspiring platforms as often as possible;
  2. Organising trainings, workshops and contests (such as CEREBRATION – an IQ challenge, and celebration of intellectual geniuses), to encourage and enhance intellectual stability, intelligence quotient, skills and talents.
  3. Organising tutorials (targeted at improving the academic and intellectual performance).
  4. Inter-personal (one-on-one) means of general mentoring.
  5. Any other viable means and strategies.

MOTTO:                  Being a Daniel par excellence!

About the the 2015 CEREBRATION IQ Challenge

Apply For the 2015 CEREBRATION IQ Challenge

2015 CEREBRATION IQ Challenge


(A celebration of intellectual geniuses)

Cerebration is envisioned to be an annual event with the maiden edition
proposed to hold this year (2015). It is an IQ challenge and a
celebration of the sagacity, percipience and intellectual capabilities of
youths (with central focus on UNN students). The students are expected to
undergo stages of savvy screening, from which those with greater acumen
emerge as winners of the competition (Mr/Miss ‘Cerebro’ for the year).


 Encouraging and enhancing the intellectual stability and intelligence quotient of youths.


November, 2015 (Maiden Edition).

The details of the contest are as stated below:


The registration for CEREBRATION 2015 is proposed to span between September
and October 2015. It is proposed to be of three folds:

Online application and filling of personal details manually or via the
website http://ddanielsng.com/index.php/cerebration/

Registration fee of ₦500 would be paid by interested candidates to either
their departmental reps or directly to the bank account with the details of
payments forwarded to us.

Proof of payments either as bank tellers or receipts should be kept safe
as it would be required of the students in the course of the challenge.


The IQ challenge is proposed to be a five-stage contest:


 It is proposed to be an ‘on paper’ challenge  involving some general knowledge and brain puzzle/teaser questions. The best three from each department would emerge as departmental
winners and migrate into the second round of the contest.


The various departmental winners get to compete among
themselves in this stage. It is also proposed to be an ‘on paper’ challenge
having two sections of about 10 questions involving more of logic, general
knowledge and some crosswords and/or Sudoku, in very limited time. The best
three from each faculty would eventually emerge as the Faculty winners and
representatives for the challenge.


The IQ challenge
officially begins at this stage. The different faculties are grouped in
fours and they ‘play’ and compete with themselves in a bid to accumulate
the highest points in their respective groups. It is proposed to be an oral
quiz stage involving three sections of brain puzzles, general knowledge
questions and spelling bee. The students are expected to be knowledgeable
of the tricks of ‘tic-tac-toe’, as it would conversely determine the
winners. Two faculties would emerge from each group and migrate to the next


   The best two faculties that emerge as winners from the respective groups
enter this stage. The best in each group competes with the second-best in another group, and the winners enter the final stage of the challenge.


 This is the  of the contest. The persons that
enter this stage are faced with different questions on logic, puzzles,
general knowledge, and spelling bee. The person with the highest point
emerges as the winner of the challenge (Mr/Miss Cerebro), with others as


Faculty prize to the overall best faculty represented (based
on the overall accumulated points in Stages 3 and 4).

Individual cash prizes to all faculty representatives who entered the final stage of the challenge.  1-year scholarship for the second runner-up of the challenge.

1-year scholarship plus a HP mini laptop to the first runner-up of the challenge and 2-year scholarship and a brand new HP laptop to the winner of the challenge

Certificate of participation (preferably signed by the Vice-Chancellor) to everyone that enters the group stage (faculty representatives) of the challenge.

For further enquiries, suggestions and support, please:

Send us a mail:                              info@ddanielsng.com

Contact us on:                                  07031679812 II 07062496683 II 08134439482

Apply For the 2015 CEREBRATION IQ Challenge

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