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All You Need to Know About Post UTME

As the Post UTME and admission screening of various schools commence, we thought we should share some tips with regards to Post UTME as candidates who have written and succeeded in their JAMB UTME prepare for the next stage. As an aside, we want to congratulate all those who were successful in their UTME this year.

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What is a Post UTME?

Post UTME is short for Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. In other words, it is post JAMB or the exam written by JAMB candidates just after the UTME before admission. Post UTMEs are just recognized admission screening exams that higher institutions in Nigeria conduct for students who apply for higher education admission in Nigeria.

Each university organizes and conducts her own Post UTME but for a candidate to take part in this exam, the candidate must have applied to the university, wrote JAMB exam with a score equal to or above the general JAMB and university cut-off mark.

If a candidate fails to write Post UTME, he or she will be denied admission irrespective of how high the candidate scored in JAMB exam.


Post UTMEs are just recognized admission screening exams that higher institutions in Nigeria conduct for students who apply for higher education admission in Nigeria.

Who Conducts a Post UTME?

Post UTMEs are conducted by individual higher institutions in Nigeria. The institution must on their own plan for Post UTME registration, exam conduct, release of results and many other essential requires for smooth conduct of post UTME in the university.

How much does Post UTME registration and application cost?

The cost of registering for Post UTME varies from one institution to another. Since the exam is not a unified exam, it is left to each institution in Nigeria to decide how much candidates should pay for to be screened and considered for admission.

There have been outcries in the past from students who felt that most institutions are milking them dry just by applying for Post UTME. At some point, Post UTME had to be scraped to deal with some of these issues.

Currently, most institutions charge students anywhere from 1000 to 5000 Naira for exam registration, though there are few institutions that charge above that range for their admission forms.

How to register for your Post-UTME

Just like the Post UTME cost, there is no single way to register for Post UTME. Each university plans their own registration process and majority of the institutions have an online Post UTME registration portal.

You should keep the following information in mind when applying for Post UTME in any institution in Nigeria. Many Post-UTME admission screening forms will require some or all of this information.

Scratch Card (Not so much in use anymore)

Access Code

Serial Number

BioData (Important – Avoid mistakes here!)

First Name

Middle Name

Surname (Last name)


Date of Birth

Passport Sized Photograph (File Size: 20KB max, File format: JPEG [i.e. ‘.jpg’]).

Academic Data (Also Important)

UTME Registration Number

Course of choice

JAMB Score (Note: Minimum Score for many institutions is 200)

Detailed O’ Level Results (ALL SUBJECTS at one or two sittings).

Personal Data (Equally necessary)


Phone Number

State of Origin

Local Govt. Area

Nationality: (Nigerian/Non‐Nigerian)

Jamb cbt

What is the pattern for Post UTME questions?

The Post UTME pattern is almost similar in many institutions. It is also similar to JAMB questions. If you have studied well for your JAMB exam, writing Post UTME will not be difficult.

For now, the University of Lagos (UNILAG), for example, usually sets questions on just three(3) subjects which are Mathematics, English Language and Current Affairs or General Paper for all students irrespective of the course you have registered for in your JAMB and its subject combination.

The format of UNILAG Post UTME (number of questions per subject) is as follows:

English Language = 20 Questions

Maths = 10 Questions

General Paper / Current Affairs =10 Questions

Total = 40 Questions

Time to take Test = 30 Minutes.

Currently, the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) post UTME screening examination is made up of four (4) subjects including English Language and depends on your UTME subject combination.

At the moment, the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) post UTME screening examination is made up of five (5) subjects which include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, General Paper and Current Affairs and does not depend on your UTME subject combination.

Currently, the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) post UTME screening examination is made up of five subjects including English Language and Current Affairs and depends on your UTME subject combination.

Similarly, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) post UTME screening examination is made up of four (4) subjects including English Language and depends on your UTME subject combination. 

Also, the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) post UTME screening examination is made up of four (4) subjects including English Language and depends on your UTME subject combination.

From what we know, the University of Jos (UNIJOS) post UTME screening examination is made up of varying number of subjects depending on the faculty your course belongs to (5 subjects for sciences, 4 for social sciences and 3 subjects for arts).

It is advisable to go through past exam questions for an exam you are writing for the first time. Before we let you know where you can get or download Post UTME questions for your chosen subjects, you can take a simple look at this post UTME question sample below.

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Post UTME Question Sample

1. A bitter remark intended to wound the feelings is

(a) A satire

(b) An illusion

(c) A sarcasm

(d) An ambiguity

2. “Lagos does not sleep at night” is an example of

(a) Metaphor

(b) Paradox

(c) Hyperbole

(d) personification

How do I get Post UTME past questions?

Now we will tell you how to get post UTME past questions online. There are basically two options – paid and free. You can download post UTME past exam questions from many Nigerian education resource websites online but be cautious about where you go looking for Past Questions—you don’t want to get defrauded.


UNILAG Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Download

5 Reasons Why Post-UTME Students Are Usually Tensed Up

The disadvantage of free Post UTME past questions is that it is not well organized. The subjects are not grouped together.

For instance, if you will take 4 papers in your Post UTME it might be hard to find the 4 papers bundle together in a free download. They usually scattered in different single subjects.

For a complete package, some websites offer a selected list subjects for certain amount of money. If you are interested in paid version, you can simply check out some trustworthy educational websites on the Internet like this one.

If you have N1,500 to spare, we have a Post UTME CBT software for Windows laptops, PCs or desktop computers and phones. We also have the Post UTME CBT app on Google Play Store for Android phone users.

The Post-UTME software/app contains authentic past questions from 13 higher institutions in Nigeria. The institutions include Ahmadu Bello University, Bayero University Kano, Federal University of Owerri, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Ibadan, University of Benin, University of Calabar, University of Lagos, University of Ilorin, University of Port-Harcourt, University of Uyo, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, University of Nigeria and additional 4000 questions.

When is the post UTME date?

Post UTME date varies from different institutions. Each institution has its own exam date. Post UTME dates starts from June – July and can last to November for most institutions.

To stay updated on Post UTME news, keep checking our Post News page or our Admission News page.

How do I calculate my post UTME score?

There is no simple or general formula in use when calculating Post UTME score. Some institutions do not make their calculation open.

Perhaps, the reason is because there are many considerations and factors that influence how Post UTME score is calculated. 

For example, in order to calculate your UNILAG post-utme aggregate score, the formula purportedly adopted by the institution is the sum of your UTME SCORE divided by 8 and your POST UTME SCORE divided by 2.

For instance:

If you scored 290 in UTME and went on to score 70 in POST UTME,your aggregate score will be calculated thus:

UTME Score = 290/8 =36.25
Post UTME Score = 70/2 =35

Aggregate Score =36.25 + 35 =71.25%

How to check Post UTME result

After all the stress about writing Post UTME, you still need to know how to check your result when it is out.

It is usually simple when compare with Post UTME registration. Simply go to the university website portal where you write your Post UTME and you will see a simple form where you will enter you exam numbers and pin code.

Submit the form by clicking on the submit button. Viola, your result will be display on the page.

To stay updated on Post UTME news and stay informed whenever schools release their Post UTME results, keep checking our Post News page or our Admission News page.

Is Post UTME computer based test or paper based exam?

In the past, many institutions used to conduct Post UTME as a paper based exam. However, nowadays, post UTME screenings in many schools are conducted as Computer Based Tests or CBT. Some institutions whose Post UTME / admission screening examinations are computer based include:

Will my second choice university consider me for Post UTME?

Many institutions only consider candidates who applied to them as a first choice option. This may be as a result of huge number of candidates that applied to the institutions and the many numbers that scored above JAMB cut-off mark.

There are other institutions that allow second choice candidates to take part in their Post UTME.

Basically it depends on each institution since they do not have a single law that guides them when it comes to internal decisions in an institution.

Can I write Post UTME for a university I did not applied for?

Yes, very few institutions invite candidates who did not choose them in their JAMB application to apply for Post UTME. It is usually some universities that have programmes with little students on their list. See the Universities Whose Post UTME You Can Write Without Choosing Them in JAMB.

If I score less than my program cut-off mark in Post UTME, Do I still have hope?

It will be very difficult for any candidate to get admission in any institution whose cut off mark, he or she failed to meet. You can check your chances of getting admission with our admission chances calculator. Hope you find it helpful.


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