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8 Things You Can Clearly Relate To If You Attended A Boarding School

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1. First day Impression

This is always very deceptive as you will be fascinated by the big compound,lawns and trees around. Then the beautiful surroundings too especially the administrative block. My school then took their own deception to the highest level by making your seniors Carry your loads to the hostel for you without complains.

This will make your parents feel like you are in safe hand and you won’t be bullied. I was baffled and felt relax not until I asked one of them her name and she said “senior Tosin” I wondered what the senior have to do with her name,so I “Tosin nice to meet you” they all stope all of a sudden and gave me a very stern look but didnt say anything. I realised later that some student can take the senior ish so personal that you would never in your dreams want to make the mistake again if not you would be slapped to your senses.

2. Punctuality

This was as important as remembering your Reg no those days. Waking up very early was a disaster for me then because back in primary school my mom woukd wake me when everything was ready and I only had to have my bath eat and go to school so adopting to the new life was hell for me.

Many times I was woken up by the hostel prefect shouts or house mistress cain. And the the fear of house mistress was the beginning of terror. 5 am was the time then and some annoying peeps would not just allows us even wake that 5am. Some would have woken up around 4am and and even earlier than that to quickly go to the tap to fetch water. The noise from the buckets and footsteps would always cut through your sleep. In a boarding school punctuality was key in every thing and it was like we were controlled by time.

A minute past Dinning time your food is gone or a minute late to labour ground or Assembly you are so finished. We would rush from the hostel to sweep daily portions and then hurriedly go to class most times on empty stomach or with crumbled cabin biscuits with nutir c in bottle of water to class. Most schools do have breakfast by 10am and at times classes before that time were never Interesting especially the last period before 10. I would always pray for the time to be faster.

3. Horrible food

My first day in the dining that was the day I resumed I couldn’t get food because I was late it didnt bother me because i was still fresh from home.However I made up my mind to be very punctual the next day. Immediately it was 10 we all walked fast to the dining like we were being pursued but we were obviously still walking but only not normally. You would see some People would suddenly increase their pace all of a sudden.

On getting there I got seven with a slice of yam and stew that was mainly full with water and palm oil and that was it. I looked at the plate and shaked my head as I remembered how my mom would always urge me to eat more back at home.All of a sudden I felt like I was in deep poverty as I ate the yam with swollen red eyes. I wanted to cry but I didn’t want anyone to see me do it.

This I got used to later on as I realised I would never eat good food till I go home. At times it was so bad we would be given beans and is just the weevils you will be seeing with oil or Tea that was as trasparent as a glass mirror. Ar the end of the day garri was always the best option or cabin soaked in tea or water. I drank garrison then till my eyes bulged out and got spoilt the more.

4. Seniority/Bullying

It was a terible thing then to be a junior I would cry all day and run to my guardian office telling her to call my mom that I wanted to go back home. She always told me she would call not until visiting day I asked my mom if she ever got my messages and she would say no then I stoped going to complain to her.

The it was like the seniors were small gods that you must not offend or cross their path. Never pray to fall prey to their trap because you will never escape theit wrath.

5. The fearless ones

They were some student who never mind the school authority and would sneak out at any opportunity through the fence to go to parties and some just to go to buy bread and akara and enjoy fresh air. We knew some of this students but you never dare telling on them…the fear of them making life a miserable hell for you later would scare you to your bones.

Also some that never called anybody senior again right from Ss1 and o one can question them. This set of student were so stubborn that the school was tired of suspending them at a point.

6. Social/Variety Nights/Excursion and Visiting Days

At the mention of social nights or an excursion all student would explode into celebration like we were going on vacation. This were best moments for me back then when we would dance till we were exhausted and do all sort of things(those who went to mixed school understand better) lol. Leaving the school for an excursion was like escape from prison. Infact then we called my school prison. And on visiting day for your patents not to come for you was like being left alone in a big wide world to suffer. One would cry uncontrollably even seniors. You would be like at least they would have sent some one.

7. Inspection Day

This always happen on Saturdays,we would wake up very early than usual to start thorough clean up of the whole hostels and school compound up to the school gate. And then appear in white uniforms in front of your bunks to be inspected. The neatest house woukd be announced and presented a gift(sweet and biscuit) while the house withe the last position would be punished severely so it was a day we put in our best shots to work for recommendation.

8. Hunger strike

This was always funny and still funny to me anytime I remember the crazy things we did during those moments. A week before visiting day or a week to go home was always terrible with all lockers empty and free of provisions. Long faces everywhere with over prompt attitude to dinning. Dinning was usually filled up before time and you coming at exact time cannot guarantee your food.


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