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8 Benefits of Canada for Nigerian Students

Nigerian students can be located on literally every corner of the world, seeing that their chances for a good education are very limited in Nigeria. Studying away has become somewhat of a trend to those who have high regard for education, making educational institutions from all across the globe the home of thousands of Nigerians. According to Masters Portal, Canada is the first destination to consider if you are a Nigerian student who wants to study abroad.

Cesar Houston, a writing expert at Rushmyessay UK explains the situation after Abdulmutallab’s suicide bomb attempt: ‘’Now that the Nigerian relations with the US are a bit frozen due to terrorist attacks, it has become much harder for the ambitious people from Nigeria to get an education visa to many countries. At this point, Canada is the most promising country and a wonderful place to build your education on, and it is all made possible for those who are willing to learn’’.

But, why is Canada such a great opportunity for Nigerian students and which are the benefits from selecting specifically this country for their education?

The 8 Benefits of Studying in Canada

Here are the reasons why Canada is a great choice:

1.      Opportunity to Study in World-Class Academic Institutions

Most Canadian colleges and universities are renowned for excellent education systems, innovation and research. The diversity of higher education in the country ranges in size, character, scope and an amazing program breadth. In order for such systems to work, the country has implemented some of the highest academic standards and performs continuous quality controls.

An opportunity to study in Canada is a grand chance to gain quality education and create opportunities for a good long-term career afterward. In fact, the current diplomas, degrees and certificates gained in Canada are equally recognized as those that are obtained from Commonwealth countries, even the United States.

2.      Good Tuition Costs

If not for the other reasons on this list, many students prefer Canada because of the lower costs for tuition. Students from all around the world select this country instead of the equally promising and popular ones (such as the United Kingdom or the United States), for the simple reason that the costs here are lower, and the quality of education is about the same.

The truth is, Canada is much more affordable for students because of the lower living expenses, accommodation costs, and tuition fees.

3.      Opportunity to Work and Study

Being able to earn some money while studying is essential for those who cannot afford to transfer to another country for education. Due to the low employment percentage in Nigeria, many intelligent and ambitious students cannot continue their education only because of finances, which is no longer an issue.

This is a benefit offered to many, and a great one. Nigerian students are now given a unique opportunity to study in some of the best educational institutions in the world and gain a globally accepted diploma without the financial barrier. The financial debt that incurs from high education is much lowered due to this opportunity and is probably the reason why the number of Nigerian students in Canada grows every year.

If a candidate is eligible for a Canadian visa, their study permit will also allow them to work up to 20 hours per week, or full-time during the breaks from regular sessions, such as spring break, summer and winter holidays.

4.      Chance to Get a Post-Graduate Work Permit

This is a common occurrence due to the great work conditions offered in Canada – students remaining in the country after they graduate. The path from an international student to permanent status as a Canadian resident is not available to everyone but is certainly possible in Canada. In fact, this is much more difficult to obtain in other countries.

After the completion of the studies or the program, the candidate may apply for a work permit that allows him or her to remain in Canada for a maximum of three years. This depends on the study program.

5.      Opportunities for Permanent Residence in Canada

Nigerian students or any other international student who proves to be highly skilled in one of the study programs, as well as the Post-graduate Work Permit Program can apply for permanent residence in the country. Some provinces even introduced immigration streams that make it possible for a highly promising graduate to be selected by the Express Entry immigration selection system before he or she gets a job.

6.      More Opportunities When They Return to Nigeria

Many students decide to remain in Canada if a good opportunity arises, but even if they fail to stay, Nigeria is a much better place for those who have high-level education and various degrees. And since the government of Nigeria and the private educational institutions within cannot satisfy the demand that arises because of this, the reasonable thing is to visit a country that offers such opportunities.

7.      Boost of the Nigerian Economy

Did you know that 23mn of the youth in Nigeria are not employed? Governments simply cannot ignore such statistics and must take measures to improve the employment status of the country.

If more students gained good education like that provided in a successful country like Canada, this would give birth to innovations, successful entrepreneurs and prospects in Nigeria. In return, the crime rate should fall, and those who were previously destined to remain unemployed or uneducated will get a shot at good employment. Basically, with the increase of educated Nigerians, the labor force should improve as a result of the spurn of more entrepreneurs.

8.      Canada Wants Nigerian Students!

The situation for Nigerian students has worsened on a worldwide level, and the ultimate reason to get an education in Canada is this – Canada has opened its door to students! The country is all about accepting young and intelligent Nigerian students who can study, work, contribute economically and socially, and eventually get a permanent stay in the country.

Education is the greatest and most promising thing a student can do for a better future, and Canada is definitely a great destination for an ambitious Nigerian student!


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