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6 Major Causes of Unemployability in Nigeria – The Reasons Why Many Are Unemployable

In a post on why you are not getting your desired job, three critical elements that enhance unemployment were explored. Unemployability was described as a situation when job seekers do not possess the current skills demanded and needed in the labor market. Unemployability is the major reason so many Nigerians are unemployed. The statistics have shown that out of the about 50 million people – as at 2013 National Bureau for Statistics survey – who are unemployed, a great percentage are unemployable and do not meet today’s demands in the labour market. Let us quickly explore some of the causes of unemployability:

6 Major Causes of Unemployability Particularly in Nigeria

1. One of the causes of unemployability is that the quality, standards and conditions of education in Nigeria has fallen – The educational system in Nigeria today does not encourage excellence, effort and creativity but rather getting a good certificate that will get you a good job. This mindset results in unemployability.
2. Another reason is that there is no regular review of syllabus – In China, children are taught at a tender age to learn to solve problems that do not yet exist and have not been created, by so doing, getting them prepared should such problems arise in the future. This is their own way of tackling unemployability.
3. Also, in many Nigerian schools, course contents are quite irrelevant to work place issues – Most of the content of courses studied in Nigerian schools are quite irrelevant to work place issues and practical real life situations. This is a major reason many young people leave school unemployable.
4. Students’ apathy to education – Education in Nigeria has become only the means to an end which is to simply get a job and make money. This attitude to education makes one willing to do anything as long as he becomes a graduate and gets a high-paying job.
5. Corruption – In Nigeria, this is a very familiar word so I won’t waste much time on it. Corruption on the part of not just leaders but down to followers is what produces unemployable individuals who seek money above valuable service to others.
6. In many of our educational institutions, here in Nigeria, there is a major focus on memory based tests above IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests for promotion into higher levels – When emphasis is laid on memory based tests, students are forced to cram rather than get to understand the taught concepts and this results in inability to deliver in the labour market.
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Now it’s your turn: Which of these causes have quite affected you and your career? What have you done about it? What other factors and determinants do you think are responsible for unemployability? Please share what you think in the comments section below, and please do share this post with other friends in your social and career network.

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