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5 Facts About University Of Benin (UNIBEN)

By NiceMan4 – UNIBEN is indeed a great citadel of learning, as it has continuously proved that through its products (the students). This piece is aimed at revealing those unique and peculiar things to UNIBEN. Any unprejudice one will attest to this as true and not exaggerated facts.

1. UNIBEN is extremely stressful:

I don’t know what you call “stress”, but UNIBEN is the definition of it. Uniben is even synonymous with stress, hence it is called UNI-STRESS. My dear, only the students can understand, everything you do in the school is stressful; from clearance to attending classes, doing assignments etc. The fact is that the lecturers have a way of making easy things difficult. You may not understand if you have not been there.

2. Night class is a culture:

do you want to fail? Even jacking for 40days and 40nights does not guarantee a pass, talkless… 90% of students do sleep in classes everyday, some don’t even sleep anyway.

3. Uniben is the home of fellowships:

Truth be told, there are countless numbers of fellowships in the school, and they are very active; there is real definition of love in these fellowships, and they grow a lot of students spiritualy with the gospel.

4. Uniben students are confident:

Any where you find a student or graduate of the school; you see confidence. This is no exaggeration. It is the function of the training they undergo and the orientation and experience they’ve had. They have a competitive spirit, and are cool in it, because they know you can’t beat them.

5. Faculty of social sciences is the most popular faculty:

Even in its description; social science is not sounded; you simply tell people you are going to “faculty” like it is the only faculty in the school. And, that faculty is the hub of girls in Uniben, as there are always scanty girls in other faculties like Engineering and the sciences, and that attracts a lot of guys there; thats what I mean.

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