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2016 JAMBite Scores 184, Expresses Feelings

I think Universities should neglect aspirants JAMB scores And just use the post-UTME score of candidates to process their admission. I will be brief because I’m in pains and can no longer harbor my disheartening thoughts.

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As it happened. On 27th march 2016, I wrote my JAMB examination after a successful series of entrance examinations. The atmosphere of the exam hall was very much conducive and the jamb officials were very cool and friendly, everybody was in high spirit for the much awaited exam. Fast forward, we were told to type in our reg number and everybody focused on their system.

The first subject I began with was English, its questions were extremely easy because majority of them were extracted from series of previous past questions. So I answered all the questions without skipping any of ’em.

The second subject I wrote was physics, as usual physics was the reason why I chose to be a science student, theoretically and practically it was and is still my best subject. I solved the mathematical aspects of it and their answers to it were always dancing on the options. Questions that didn’t contain calculation in physics was like bonus for me. After writing English and physics, I was glad.

Then the almighty Maths yet very friendly. Maths like we all know it has its formulas, most of the questions were easy since it was culled from past questions. I wrote maths in high spirit got most of my answers before checking the options to confirm. It was very good but not as good as English and physics.

Chemistry. Ok, I’m not that good in chemistry but I can still be able to get my pass mark on it like I always did. I finished chemistry and was pleased.

The next day, I didn’t receive any text message from jamb, I didn’t take it serious because I know that I can still check it online. Later that day I went to check it at a nearby cyber-cafe, to my surprise my score was and is still 184.

Use of English: 46

JAMB WHAT DID I DO?? I may not be the only student that this kind of fate has befallen. Jamb why? After the sleepless nights… *sobs*

Some of my friends I use to tutor on physics and maths scored higher than me. JAMB WHY?



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  • i agree with you pple, it is better they remark and introduce ppt. because biology which happened to be my best subject is the one i failed most

  • Drelyx

    oh lord, pls help me because I don't know what I did to jamb that he can decide to give such that he gave me. Because my exam was extracted from the past questions. when am in the examination hall i did the exam perfectly which I believe I can get 75% out of the total score. but to my surprise I was given 44%. That is unfair, am now begging jamb to please return to me my jamb score. Because my parent are scolding me at home looking at me as an in serious boy. so jamb pls find a solution to this problems plsssss. thanks

  • Jamb2016


  • Michael

    This is unacceptable, 188 isn't my jamb score because I know what I worth this is not mine, God will judge us all according to our deed. It's certain.

  • Comments (required) you can't imagine how happy I was on 12 march after i logged in with my reg no with the ?s i was given, i finished b4 d estimated tym given to us and i even smiled out of the exam hall. But to my utmost shock/disappointment i was given 132( is that even blievable) for some1 with 255 last year as my score( thanks to jamb i look like a dumbskull with an ant brain who is so very unserious, even dummy can't get such score). I'm sure something isn't right. Please JAMB REMARK OR GIVE US THE CHANCE TO REWRITE IT IF UR SYSTEMS HAVE MESSED UP OUR SCRIPT. Please notify me when jamb are ready to that because THAT IS NOT MY SCORE

  • Precious

    Dis year jamb its soo obvious is fake.. I cldnt my mark nt aftr they brought bk 2015 questions.. M so sure 100% dat ds year marking ia wrng. Jamb shld pls see 2 this i beg. This is nt our real marks there is sumtin wrng sumwhr.

  • Zainab

    Comments (required)plz
    SIR DIBU....i beg you....plss...this is not my score....i cant stay anoda year home..i wrote yest....please...i cant evn shw my parent this score...cos i dont want dem to be dissapointed in me...i knw wat i was supose to get...i beg you sir....pls sir....give me my real mark....i am not acting wild o...i am begging...pls sir....jamb please...