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Wiki Loves Africa Photo Contest 2016

About Wiki Loves Africa Photo Contest 2016

Application is currently ongoing for the Wiki Loves Africa Photo Contest 2016.

Wiki Loves Africa Photo Contest 2016

Wiki Loves Africa (http://www.wikilovesafrica.net) is a public annual contest where people across Africa can contribute media (photographs, video and audio) about their environment to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.Wiki Loves Africa particularly encourages participants to contribute media that illustrate a specific theme for that year. Each year the theme changes and could include any universal, visually rich and culturally specific topic (for example, markets, rites of passage, festivals, public art, cuisine, natural history, urbanity, daily life, notable persons, etc).The project is run across the whole continent, however, some specific actions (training, communication etc.) are held in some countries with national organisers.

Wiki Loves Africa is a two-month competition which will start in 1st of December 2016 and will end 31th of January 2017.The 2016 theme is: Music and Dance. The competition scope is: submissions that promotes Africa’s rich heritage and culture expressed through music, song, dance, and movement.

Application Deadline

January 31, 2017

Value of Scholarship

  • 1st prize: US$600 + see below
  • 2nd prize: US$400 + see below
  • 3rd prize: US$200 + see below
  • Community Prize: US$200 + see below

Each winner will also receive a year’s subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, and a portable power pack.

Eligibility Criteria

There are just a few simple rules to participate to Wiki Loves Africa photographic contest:

Acceptable files

  • All photos or media entered in the competition should be taken by the person submitting the entry. They can be either self-uploaded or uploaded during a registered mass upload session;
  • Upload is done in December and January only. However, the media can have been created at any time; e.g. historic photographs can be entered as long as you own the copyright.
  • You must supply your entry under a free copyright licence, or release it to the public domain. The preferred licence used by the upload wizard is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 CC-BY-SA 4.0;
  • All eligible pictures must be categorised under Wiki Loves Africa 2016. This is assigned during the upload process. The identification is done by adding the following category to the page description of the image: [[category:Images from Wiki Loves Africa 2016]];
  • Participants must register on Wikimedia Commons, and enable e-mail, to be eligible for prizes.

Not eligible files

  • Non-photographic works such as drawings or entirely computer-generated works.
  • Photographs that are already on Commons (i.e. re-uploading is not allowed).
  • As the images will be hosted on Wikimedia Commons, all entries must fall within the Commons scope. Any that do not will be disqualified and may be deleted without notice.
  • Any entries with watermarks or signatures embedded on the image or file will not be accepted.

Judging criteria

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be selected by a jury of international Wikipedians and professional photographers. The Community Prize is chosen by the Wikipedia Community from the Jury’s short list. The Awesome Prize will be awarded for outstanding media contribution to the project, and will be chosen by the two organisers. The jury will judge individual entries based on the following criteria (in no particular order):
  • Technical quality
  • Originality
  • Potential usefulness and overall value of the image (including its licensing) to the Wikimedia projects.

How to Apply

It’s really simple and easy, and fun! You may participate in two main ways

  • You can participate to the contest itself! Grab your camera (or any relevant device) and shoot pictures or a video clip or a sound file. Upload !



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