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What You Should Know About Agip (NAOC) Scholarship

Abot Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC)

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd. (NAOC) is a company based in Lagos, is a Joint Venture between Agip and The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and involves in oil and gas exploration and production activities in Nigeria. Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd. (NAOC) is operating Oil Mining Leases (OML).

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About the Agip Undergraduate Scholarship Exam

All candidates of the Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) Scholarship are to note the following:

  1. The exam is organized by Dragnet Solutions Limited and it is usually a Computer Based Test.
  2. (NAOC) Agip Scholarship is made up of three sections: Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Reasoning.
  3. The exam will be easy or difficult depending on you. Time can be a major constraint but that will not be peculiar to you. The faster you are, the better. These guys are basically trying to test your speed, accuracy and logical thinking abilities as a sign of your intelligence.
  4. There are no cut off marks, the students determine the cut off mark because a fixed number of students must win the scholarship. All you need to do is to be among the top scorers.
  5. Your question and that of your neighbour will usually not be the same so there is no need to depend on collaboration. In fact, even if they are the same, they will be so mixed that her no 10 might be the last question in your paper in that section.
  6. The other major point to note is that you will be among the awardees if you have performed very well in the test.

About the Agip Postgraduate Scholarship Exam

Just like the Agip scholarship for undergraduates, the NAE (AGIP) Postgraduate Scholarship Aptitude test is organized by Dragnet Solutions Ltd, a renowned recruitment organization whose test formats are majorly, if not totally Computer Based Tests.

Concerning the NAOC Postgraduate Scholarship Test, the following must be well understood:

  1. The exam will be purely Computer Based.
  2. Time is the ultimate differentiating factor between winners and those who will not win. In other words, you need to answer the test questions as fast as possible.
  3. Those who have an experience of these kinds of tests and have probably written tests conducted by Dragnet in the past will find it easier to understand and find solutions to the questions.
  4. Off course, the questions are somewhat different from the undergraduate questions set by the examiners. Nevertheless, it will include the following: a) Verbal Reasoning  (b) Numerical Reasoning (c) Abstract Reasoning. The verbal reasoning section will comprise: word reasoning, word meaning, word relationship (analogy), critical reasoning and comprehension. The numerical reasoning section will be composed of: computation, data interpretation, reasoning, estimation. The abstract reasoning section which is mostly diagrammatic is composed of: mechanical reasoning, fault diagnosis, diagrammatic reasoning plus other abstract sort of questions. Again, these guys want to know how fast you think.

Don’t be afraid, you don’t need to be an expert to succeed. All you need is to practice with the right materials. We believe the GMAT pattern of questions are used by most of these job and scholarship examiners. So, you might find studying GMAT questions very helpful. You can download a FREE GMAT practice copy here.

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  • Emmanuel

    I got the award letter sometimes mid year and till now, we are yet to receive payments. Any idea on why? Or when we'll receive payments?

    1. Wow! Congrats. Please have you gotten it now? If yes was it paid directly into the school’s account or your account?

  • Stephen

    pls when will the registration start for 2017/2018 section

  • Pls I need agip scholarship past question papers

  • please, if you are in need of cbt based scholarship past question as regards the agip scholarship for post graduate. Contact James on 08100687295 on whatsapp. Thanks

  • When is it starting

    1. Prince, the 2015/2016 scholarship application was announced five months ago. So, the next time is likely going to be around the same time next year.

    2. Daniel Igbinovia

      please what about that of undergraduate

  • Ewoh Salvation Okpara

    Please I need information about when next someone who got scholarship in 2013 will be paid for her final yr. The last time I was paid was last yr November 4th. Thanks for your cooperation

    1. Salvation, if you have your award letter and there is a contact there, I would best advise you contact them to ask. However, I believe if they paid you around this time last year, they should be paying anytime soon. Sorry for the wahala.

    2. Precious

      Pls, for the most recent NAOC scholarship registration, there is a place where I am to input my current GPA and I am just in part one and have not seen any of my results. What do I do?

    3. You can input 5.0 if your school's CGPA benchmark is 5. Since you're in 100 level, I believe they'll understand.

    4. Amechi Bieni

      Pls how. Much were u payed. cause have just been awarded SCHOLARSHIP from them

    5. How long did it take for them to contact you after the aptitude test

    6. Please How long did it take them to contact you after writing the exams