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TNRI Scholarship For School Leavers Worth N500,000 [Updated]

TNRI Scholarship For School Leavers (JAMBites and O’Leve Holders) Details

 Worth (Fixed Value): N500,000

TeHN is calling all school leavers (Those not already in universities) to apply for the 2015/2016 TNRI scholarship.

The Nigerian Renaissance Initiative (TNRI) Scholarship has been set up by an anonymous donor to run every year so as to enable school leavers with university ambitions that would have otherwise not been able to achieve their educational aspirations due to financial constraints.

This is to inform all JAMBites and O’level holders that the TNRI scholarship application is currently ongoing.

Admission seekers and O’level certificate holders can apply for the TNRI Scholarship. Application is free and you can be win and see yourself through higher institution. To apply for this Scholarship:

Are you a school leaver?

Are you or your parents experiencing some sort of financial difficulties?

Are you of good character with goals of getting a quality university degree?

If you can answer yes to the 3 questions above then this is the chance you’ve been waiting for.

How to Apply for the TNRI Scholarship

Application is opened to all so if you know someone or you can say yes to the 3 questions then please send in your applications.

Applicants are to email the committee a 400 worded essay stating how they deserve to be the recipient of 2015 TNRI Scholarship.

The essays should be forwarded to => ehelpersnetwork@gmail.com

Further Details About the TNRI Scholarship

Interview With TNRI Scholarship Beneficiary

Q: Please introduce yourself

A: I am Ajala Ayobami, a student of Architecture in the school of first choice, UNILAG and I’m the winner of TNRI scholarship scheme for this year.

Q:How did you hear about TNRI

A: I heard about the scholarship from a friend. He sent a text containing the link for applying. He told me it was an essay kinda scholarship.

Q: How did you feel when you were applying for it? Did you feel like you had a chance to win?

A: When my friend sent the text, the urge to apply was low because I felt so many grandiloquent peeps are out there that will finish up the essay with jaw breaking vocabulary. Later something boosted the urge so I decide to write. God involved, I started having the feeling that I actually stood a chance of winning. I was eligible and right for most or all of the criteria. With that, I sent in my essay. Also I saw somewhere that a girl won a scholarship because she was the only one that applied…I might just be the only one!!!.

Q: How did you feel when you learnt you got into the second round?

A: I was in school for registration when I saw the email. I was so happy that the guy beside asked what suddenly happened. I called my mum immediately to inform her. At that time I knew God was up to something!.

Q: How did you feel when you found out you won. What was your immediate reaction?

A: I am not sure if words can adequately describe my feeling that day. Let me just simply put it as ‘JOY-FILLED’. The minute I saw the email, I went down on my knees. I just couldn’t think of any other thing than to just thank God. I was so happy!.

Q: Now that you have won, how do you intend to maximize this opportunity

A: Having won, it means financial worries are over, more time and focus for my academic and career work. I will study harder and try my best to stay ahead in my quest for success. I will make sure i don’t disappoint the group of benevolent people that decided to take up my financial needs.

Q: How would the Scholarship award help you with your ambition?

A: The scholarship, as I have been made to know, is for my tuition and maintenance through my undergraduate studies. These are the main financial needs of a student. With that in place, all I have to do is just study,learn and equip myself with the necessary skills for a successful career and pray to God to see me through.

Q: What message do you have for young people like you out there?

A: Hmmm…..young people, I am still young so this is for me(what I keep in mind and do) and every young person out there. First of it all, have God. Let him be at the top and bottom, beginning and end of all the things you do. Life will throw all sorts at you but try to make the best and positive use of everything life throws. Don’t overlook opportunities, it might just be God’s plan for you. Stay focused, study hard and try to make the best of every academic achievement possible. Aspire for the best possible option available in various academic pursuit. These are not the only things required in life but are part of the basic things!..see you at the top.

Q: What message do you have for the organisers and the donor.

A: Organisers and donors, Ese gan n ni o. Thank you very much. You have chosen to help someone achieve his/her dreams, that’s a good deed and God rewards good deeds. God will surely reward you according to his riches in Glory. Thank you for the benevolent gestures and I pray God will continue to provide so others like me out there will be able to enjoy such kind gestures

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