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MTN Foundation Scholarship Examination Format

Here is the MTN Foundation Scholarship Examination Format for all seekers of the scholarship. You are advised to take note of the examination format.

MTN Foundation Scholarship Exam Format

Things You Must Know about this year’s MTN Foundation Scholarship Exam

Approximately 37,800 students applied last year and it is estimated that the number will double this year

1. The exam is organized by JAMB and comprise of the following sections: One Comprehension Passage with 5 questions, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Analogy, and of course Information Technology Questions plus Current affairs/General Knowledge.

All these are in the past Questions you will get below.

MTN Foundation Scholarship Examination Format2. The Exam will last for Two hours. After which you will receive a transport stipend of N2,500, this might increase this year.

3. About 500 students will be Shortlisted as winners but the coordinators are deliberating on increasing the number so anything can happen this time.

4.  3 weeks after the exam and the award ceremony will hold in Owerri (Precisely FUTO‘ or Poly Nekede all in Imo State) and in Lagos. Each winner is given a certificate of Scholarship award from MTNF

4. Each winner receives alert of N200,000  in 3 weeks time in the bank account they submit on the award day.But for this year, MTN is partnering with Diamond Bank for the Diamond Yellow Account which is now the new method of disbursing the cash.

5. Old Awardees who are still on ground as regards their CGPA will also be invited for renewal of Award. This implies that you can have the scholarship until you graduate as long as your CGPA does not fall below 3.5 or 2nd class upper as well as their equivalents for Poly students.



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