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Karl Jungbecker Foundation Scholarship for African Students, 2019

Application Deadline: 30th December 2018

Karl Jungbecker Foundation Scholarship Invitation: Applications are currently ongoing for the Karl Jungbecker Foundation Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate African Students to Study in Europe. Interested students can see the details and apply if eligible.

KArl Jungbecker Foundation Scholarship Details and FAQs

Karl Jungbecker Foundation has taken up the mission to nurture the local talent from under-developed countries in Africa, groom them and help them to work towards the resolution of problems they face in their local communities through sustainable development.

The turn of events that led to the beginning of our mission is fascinating. Here is how it started. Our founder, Mr. Christian RUMPFF, was invited by a Togolese friend to an event to promote local young talents. He was moved by the expression of hope and helplessness reflecting in the eyes of the young people at the same time. The lack of facilities that were holding these youngsters from realizing their full potential stirred an emotion inside him and he realized that there is a need to provide adequate support to these talented youngsters to actualize their potential. He decided that he must develop a well-structured program to help the Togolese youth realize their full potential. From that day, the Karl Jungbecker Foundation’s program was born as an initiative to nurture the young people from Togo to become future leaders of the country and take on the path of growth and development.

Karl Jungbecker Foundation offers general scholarships to full-time degree-seeking students from Africa.

When is the application deadline?

30th December 2018

Which countries are eligible for the scholarship?

Sub-Saharan African countries (Only students from Togo will be awarded this year)

In which host country will the awardees be studying?

Countries in Europe

What is the category of this opportunity?

Undergraduate, Postgraduate

How do I know if I’m eligible for the scholarship?

Although, initial operations will start from Togo, in the future, we aim to identify young talent from all over African continent and empower them to take on the challenges they are facing in their local communities and we strongly believe this is the stepping stone that will help in overall uplift of the living standards of the people on the continent.

What are the selection criteria?

  • Internal exam result: 30%
  • Essay on reflections, aspirations, and personal goals: 20%
  • Academic awards & other forms of recognition: 20%
  • Non-academic awards & other forms of recognition: 10%
  • Financial Situation: 20%

See full list of criteria HERE

What are the benefits of the award?

Students will be given the opportunity to study in reputable Universities in Europe by offering earned scholarships and providing financial support for their higher education and research projects.  After completing their education successfully, these students will come back to work amongst the local community by opening new businesses and providing the local people with more opportunities to work and earn their livelihood with dignity.

How to Apply for the Karl Jungbecker Foundation Scholarship

Application Form

For any questions, please email sponsorship@jungbeckerfoundation.org

Programme Webpage

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