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Apply For Nestle Nutrition Institute Postgraduate Scholarships

About the 2016 Nestle Nutrition Institute Postgraduate Scholarships

Applications are currently ongoing for the Nestle Nutrition Institute Postgraduate Scholarships and all interested candidates are hereby invited to apply.

What is this Fellowship Grant for?

To attend a training program on research skills and knowledge.

Such program could include, but is not limited to: learning a specific laboratory technique, statistics, nutrition, etc.

The NNI grant up to 40’000 CHF can be used to pay course registration fees, round trip travel to the host institution, lodging and living expenses and health insurance coverage for the duration of the course. The amount of 40’000 CHF applies for the longer length projects (12 months).

A proportion of this amount will be paid to shorter duration projects. The NNI grant will be given to the Host Institution which will disburse it to the fellow. In no case will any money be given directly from the NNI to the fellow.


Administrative requirements

Fellowships are available for post graduate qualifications only.

Fellow has to be affiliated with an academic/clinical institution

Potential candidates should submit an application describing their interest in participating in the NNI Research training Fellowship.

The application form must be accompanied by the following:

1. Details of their current level of training,

2. Curriculum Vitae,

3. A plan of the proposed training/activity clearly indicating its specific outcomes and

4. Two letters of recommendation (1 from the institution where the candidate is working and 1 from the host institution*).

5. Letter stating intent to return to the home country upon completion of the training program.

*Host Institution (Sites) – any scientific institution offering a program in the fields of Maternal and/or Child Health and Nutrition

Application form for Research Fellowship

Assessment of Applications

A Panel of members of the NNI Faculty with relevant expertise in a given field will assess all Fellowship applications. The following will apply:

  • Priority consideration for this prestigious fellowship will be given to candidates in junior positions from emerging countries.
  • The candidates’ history of previous or alternate grants will be taken into consideration.
  • Candidates will be notified of the NNI’s decision by letter


The Panel will not accept applications, which are submitted by:

  • Candidates who have already spent more than 12 months outside their home country during the 3 years preceding the application. Exceptions could be made if the applicant can justify how this additional training will supplement the one(s) already obtained.
  • Candidates who have already left their country at the time of applying for the fellowship.
  • Candidates who have completed more than one half of any training programme they may already be enrolled in.
  • Candidates who, at the time of submitting their application, already have a grant from any other training program.
  • Applications will not be entertained if the applicant’s home country law prohibits the nature of this activity.


  • Successful candidates will be required to start their training within 1 year of being notified of the fellowship award.
  • Duration of the support for the research training lasts for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Upon certification, fellowship awardees return to their home countries.

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