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2017 Wits Journalism Africa-China Reporting Project for Journalists

Application Deadline: March 30, 2017

About the 2017 Wits Journalism Africa-China Reporting Project for Journalists

Applications are currently being invited for the 2017 Wits Journalism Africa-China Reporting Project for Journalists from Africa. See the details below.

The Africa-China Reporting Project (the Project) at the Journalism Department of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg is commissioning a series of Themed Grants aimed at reviewing the state of relations and interactions between Francophone African countries and China. The grants are open to all French-speaking African journalists, and the objective is to enable journalists to investigate the current state of affairs on the ground in Francophone Africa.

Application Deadline

30th March 2017

Reporting Themes

The Action Plan for 2016-2018 released after the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Summit in Johannesburg in 2015 outlines what China has promised to fulfil in Africa – how is this being implemented on the ground in Francophone Africa?

The following additional themes can guide applicants as to what stories to investigate:

  • China in Francophone Africa:
    • What is China doing in Francophone Africa and how is this different from the rest of Africa?
    • What more can Francophone African countries do to optimise relations with China?
    • What do Francophone African countries have to offer China? What is happening on the ground in Africa?
    • How successfully is China implementing the FOCAC Action Plan in Francophone communities and countries?
  • On-the-ground impact:
    • Are Francophone African countries making the most of their relations with China?
    • How are the people of Francophone African countries benefiting from relations with China?
    • Potential issues to cover: Agriculture, industry and manufacturing, mining, trade, oil production
  • Issues of concern:
    • What are major problems and issues for Francophone African countries dealing with China? What are the problems? What is going well and what needs greater focus/attention?
    • Potential issues to cover: Immigration, quality of services/ products, labour
  • China and France in Francophone Africa:
    • What is the role of France in China’s engagements with Africa? And what are the major differences between China’s engagement with Francophone Africa and Anglophone Africa? What are the lessons for China in this regard on how best to operate in Francophone African countries?

How to Apply

French-speaking African journalists interested in applying for this Themed Grants series should send a proposal containing all the items listed below to africa-china@journalism.co.za by no later than March 30. Proposals can be in French or English.

Applications must contain:

  • Draft title of the feature to be produced, including clear indication of which theme listed above to be pursued and relevance to the role of women in Africa-China relations
  • Brief proposal of the topic and methodology and further supporting information
  • Budget in US dollars with clear itemized expenditure no higher than US$1,500
  • Indication of where applicant intends to publish the article
  • Applicant CV and list of previous Africa-China publications (if any)

Applicants are also encouraged to review the Project’s reporting grant guidelines and adhere to them as much as possible.

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