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2017 Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Multilingual Aphasia at University of Oslo, Norway

About 2017 Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Multilingual Aphasia at University of Oslo, Norway

One Doctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1017) and one Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1352) are available at the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (MultiLing) at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oslo, starting November 2016. The fellowships are funded by the University of Oslo’s investment in developing world-leading research communitiesand are part of one of MultiLing’s new research projects, “Language and Communication in Multilingual Speakers with Aphasia in Norway”(MultiLing Aphasia).

International Summer School Scholarships To Study In Norway

University offers a number of general and subject-specific funding schemes. The aim of the fellowship is to attract the best and most motivated people to Norway.

Application Deadline

November 1st 2016

Value of Scholarship

  • Doctoral position: salary level 50-56 (NOK 430 500 – 475 400, depending on level of expertise)
  • Postdoctoral position: salary level 57-65 (NOK 483 700 – 560 700, depending on level of expertise)
  • a challenging and stimulating working environment
  • attractive welfare benefits

Eligibility Criteria

In assessing the applications, special emphasis will be placed on the quality of the project description and its relevance for the research project “MultiLing Aphasia”. For the Doctoral position, special emphasis will also be placed on the assumed academic and personal ability to complete the dissertation within the given time frame. For the Postdoctoral position, we seek strongly motivated, competent and internationally oriented candidates, with high-ranking academic qualifications in the relevant area of research.


  • For the Doctoral position, the candidate must have an MA degree or equivalent in Linguistics, Communication, Psychology, Special Needs Education/ Speech and Language Therapy, or some other relevant discipline related to MultiLing’s work (note the requirement of a minimum 2 year MA or equivalent).
  • For the Postdoctoral position, the candidate should have a PhD degree or equivalent in the same academic subjects. For the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, the doctoral dissertation must have been submitted for evaluation before the application deadline.
  • Excellent written and spoken language skills in English.
  • Personal suitability and motivation for the position.

How to Apply

Applicants must submit the following attachments with the electronic application, preferably in pdf format:

  • Application letter describing the applicant’s qualifications and a specification of how the proposed project relates to the MultiLing Aphasia project (maximum 2 pages).
  • Project description (5 pages) for the research to be undertaken, including the topic of the project, issues to be examined, the chosen theoretical and methodological approach and a feasible progress plan. See the template for research proposals.
  • CV (complete list of education, positions, teaching experience, administrative experience and other qualifying activities, including a complete list of publications).
  • Grade transcripts from educational institutions attended.
  • Names and contact details of two references (name, relation to candidate, email address and telephone number)

Please note that all documents must be in English.

Publications, MA theses or PhD theses and the like are not to be submitted with the application, but applicants may be asked to submit such information or works at a later date.

The short-listed candidates will be called in for an interview at the University of Oslo or we will arrange for an interview on Skype.


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  • Dear sir/Madam

    Firstly, and above all, I would like to thank you for allocating time to read my e.mail. It is both a great honour and pleasure.  

    I need to add that I have already finished my mastery level in TESOL and my defence is due for completion in September. 

    My thesis is the investigation of a sixty two year old Iranian aphasic bilingual woman (illiterate, right handed) who had a car accident and went into coma for a three day period. After regaining consciousness, she lost her production ability in second language, although kept her domination over comprehension. Her first language remained intact in terms of production and comprehension. The BAT questionnaire is being done to diagnose the exact type of aphasia she is suffering from (fluent, non-fluent, and unclassified aphasia ). Her brain CT scan report proved the symptoms of  Encephalomalacia in her broca area. 

    Dear Professor, despite my BA and MA level being in relation to teaching English, while doing this survey I found Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics very interesting subjects to work on. I have also read your publications, and to be more exact and honest those which were in relation to Aphasia ,  Jargon and speech pathology  drew my attention dramatically. Words cannot fully express my eagerness to work on aphasia area and any kind of language impairments and disorders and speech pathology as well. If you think we can have either a Skype interview or a phone call, I am at your disposal whenever you recommend. I look forward to hearing from you. 

    Respectfully yours

    Mehdi Khazaiee

    1. Mehdi Khazaiee, please forward this together with your application documents to the postal address below:
      Postal address
      PO Box 1072
      0316 OSLO
      OR contact:
      Project coordinator Stine Annette Melvold
      Tel: +47 22851947