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Sweet Sixteen Model Questions | JAMB Practice Questions and Answers

“Sweet Sixteen” is about a girl called Aliya, who is usually referred to as ‘My First Lady’ by her father. Aliya is the protagonist of the novel and constantly reminding her father that she is no longer a child but ‘a young adult’, but her father does not always agree with her.

This fictional novel contains 157 pages which should take you a few days to complete depending on how many hours per day you give to the book. The novel was written by Bolaji Abdullahi and published on February 1st, 2017.

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Question 1

Aliya's family were ________.


A) Buddhists

B) Christians

C) Muslims

D) Pagans

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Question 2

To know if what you were doing was wrong or right, Mr. Bello taught his daughter to carry out the ________


A) Honesty test

B) Public test

C) Ghandi test

D) Lincoln test

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Question 3

Aliya’s mother was a ________


A) Teacher

B) Nurse

C) Housewife

D) Preacher

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Question 4

Every time Aliya had her birthday, she received a gift from her dad through her ________


A) Boyfriend

B) Class teacher

C) Principal

D) Mother

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Question 5

On her sixteenth birthday, Aliya received a ________


A) new green dress

B) a new pair of shoes

C) a camera and a letter

D) a new camera

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Question 6

Aliya was closest to her ________


A) Mom

B) Older brother

C) Dad

D) Principal

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Question 7

Who said all Muslims will go to hell because they liked to kill people?


A) Aliya

B) Sade

C) Rebecca

D) Bobo

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Question 8

Aliya’s father thought being the 'Headgirl' would give his daughter ________


A) More opportunities to pay back her enemies

B) More opportunities to get new friends

C) A better position to help more people

D) A better position to top her class

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Question 9

On Aliya's twelfth birthday, her card read ________


A) “Happy birthday, my First Lady ... only God is greater than you”

B) “I wish you all the good things you desire”

C) “Happy birthday my only child, I love you”

D) “Happy birthday, dearest Aliya”

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Question 10

Aliya expected ________when she turned 16.


A) to feel the same

B) a better gift

C) to feel different

D) to look more matured

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