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Question 4751

The efficiency of energy conversion on the energy flow through a hydroelectric power is?


A) \(\frac{E1}{E2}\)

B) \(\frac{E3}{E2}\)

C) \(\frac{E2}{E1}\)+ E2

D) \(\frac{E2}{E3}\) + E1

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Question 4752

An object weighs 30N in air and 21N in water. The weight of the object when completely immersed in a liquid of relative density 1.4 is


A) 25.2N

B) 17.4N

C) 12.6N

D) 9.0N

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Question 4753

Which of the following instruments is most suitable for measuring the outside diameter of a narrow pipe in a few millimeters in diameter?


A) Pair of calipers

B) Meter rule

C) Micrometer screw gauge

D) Tape rule

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Question 4754

Electrical power is transmitted at a high voltage rather than a low voltage because the amount of energy loss is due to


A) Heat dissipation

B) Production of eddy currents

C) Excessive current discharge

D) Excessive voltage discharge

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Question 4755

If the focal length of a camera is 20cm, the distance from the film at which the lens must be set to produce a sharp image of 100cm away is


A) 17cm

B) 20cm

C) 25cm

D) 100cm

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Question 4756

A lens of focal length 15cm forms on erect image which is three times the size of the object. The distance between the object and the image is ___.


A) 10cm

B) 20cm

C) 30cm

D) 40cm

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Question 4757

The photo cell works on the principle of the


A) Voltaic cell

B) Emission of electron by incident radiation

C) Emission of protons by incident radiation

D) Photographic plate

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Question 4758

When a known standard resistor of 2.0 is connected to the 0.0cm end of a metre bridge, the balance point is found to be at 55.0cm


A) 1.10Ω

B) 1.64Ω

C) 2.44Ω

D) 27.50Ω

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Question 4759

A resistor connected to a 12V battery draws a current of 2A. The energy dispatched in the resistor in 5 minutes is ___.


A) 3,600J

B) 6,000J

C) 7,200J

D) 14,400J

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Question 4760

A solid weighs 45N and 15N respectively in air and water. Determine the relative density of the solid


A) 0.33

B) 0.50

C) 1.50

D) 3.00

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