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Question 31

At what depth below the sea-level would one experience a change of pressure equal to one atmosphere?


A) 10.0 m

B) 1.0 m

C) 100.0 m

D) 0.1 m

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Question 32


The diagram above shows a current carrying wire between the poles of a magnet. In which direction would the wire tend to move?


A) into the paper

B) out of the paper

C) towargs the north pole of the magnet

D) towards the south pole of the magnet

E) towards the top of the pages

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Question 33

An induction coil is generally used to


A) rectify an alternating current

B) produce a large input voltage

C) smoothen a pulsating direct current

D) modulate an incoming signal

E) produce a large output voltage

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Question 34

The unit of stress is


A) Nm

B) N

C) Nm-2

D) Nm2

E) Nm1

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Question 35

What volume of alcohol will have the same mass as 4.2m3 of petrol? [Density of alcohol = 8.4 × 102kgm-3, Density of petrol = 7.2 × 102 kgm-3]


A) 3.6 m3

B) 1.4 m3

C) 0.8 m3

D) 4.9 m3

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Question 36

Calculate the length which corresponds to a temperature of 20°C if the ice and steam points of an ungraduated thermometer are 400 mm apart


A) 60mm

B) 30mm

C) 20mm

D) 80mm

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Question 37

A wire of length 100.0m at 300C has a linear expansivity of 2 × 10-5K-1. Calculate the length of the wire at a temperature of -100C


A) 99.92m

B) 100.08m

C) 100.04m

D) 99.96m

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Question 38

A gas at a pressure of 105Nm-2 expands from 0.6m3 to 1.2m3 at constant temperature, the work done is


A) 6.0 × 10\(^4\)J

B) 7.0 × 10\(^7\)J

C) 6.0 × 10\(^6\)J

D) 6.0 × 10\(^5\)J

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Question 39

Two liquids X and Y having the same mass are supplied with the same quantity of heat. If the temperature rise in X is twice that of Y, the ratio of specific heat capacity of X to that of Y is


A) 2 : 1

B) 1 : 4

C) 1 : 2

D) 4 : 1

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Question 40

Foods cook quicker in salt water than in pure water because of the effect of


A) Dissolved substances on the boiling point

B) Salt on thermal the conductivity of water

C) Atmosphere pressure on the boiling point

D) Food nutrients on the thermal energy

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