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Question 11

1kg of boiling water at 100°C is poured into an aluminium hot water bottle at 16°C. The temperature of the water quickly falls to 96°C. Assuming that there is no loss of heat, the mass of the bottle is


A) 0.25kg

B) 0.5kg

C) 0.05kg

D) 0.75kg.

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Question 12

The resultant of two forces is 50N. If the forces are perpendicular to each other and one of them makes an angle of 30° with the resultant, find its magnitude


A) 57.7N

B) 25.0N

C) 100.0N

D) 57.7N

E) 43.3N

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Question 13


Two capacitors C1 and C2 are connected as shown in the diagram. The capacitance C2 is twice C1 when the key is opened the energy stored up in C1 is W. If the key is later closed and the system is allowed to attain electrical equilibrium, the total energy stored in the system will be


A) \(\frac{1}{2}\)W

B) \(\frac{2}{3}\)W

C) W

D) 2W

E) 3W

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Question 14


In which of the points labelled A, B, C, D and E on the conductor shown would electric charge tend to concentrate most?


A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

E) E

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Question 15

Which of the following is stored by dry Leclanche cell?


A) chemical energy

B) nuclear energy

C) solar energy

D) heat energy

E) electrical energy

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Question 16

When a brick is taken from the earth's surface to the moon, its mass


Remains constant
Becomes zero
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Question 17

The pair of physical quantities that are scalar only are


A) Volume and area

B) Impulse and time

C) Moment and momentum

D) Length and displacement

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Question 18

A simple pendulum of length 0.4m has a period 2s. What is the period of a similar pendulum of length 0.8m at the same place?


A) 2√2s

B) √2s

C) 8s

D) 4s

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Question 19


Using the data in the circuit illustrated above, calculate the value of R


A) 0.02 \(\Omega\)

B) 0.05 \(\Omega\)

C) 5.00 \(\Omega\)

D) 20.00 \(\Omega\)

E) 50.00 \(\Omega\)

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Question 20

A 90W immersion heater is used to supply energy for 5 minutes. The energy supplied is used to completely melt 160g of a solid at its melting point. Calculate the specific latent heat of the solid.


A) 2.81 Jg-1

B) 6.25 Jg-1

C) 8.89 Jg-1

D) 168.75 Jg-1

E) 5333.33 Jg-1

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