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Question 1

What is the dimension for velocity?



B) LT-1


D) L-2

E) M3L-1

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Question 2

A car moving with a velocity of 20m/s at 30° to the horizontal, what is the component of the velocity along the horizontal?


A) 17.3m/s

B) 10m/s

C) 20m/s

D) 21m/s

E) 34m/s

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Question 3

If a moving car X collides head-on with a moving car Y in the opposite direction, the conservation of momentum states that:


A) the final momentum of X = final of Y

B) total momentum of X and Y is reversed

C) total momentum of X and Y stays constant

D) initial and final momentum of X is the same

E) initial and final momentum of Y is the same

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Question 4

A bullet of mass 20g travelling horizontally at 100m/s, embeds itself in the centre of a block of wood 1kg which is suspended by light vertical string 1m, calculate the velocity.


A) \(\frac{51}{100}\) m/s

B) \(\frac{100}{51}\) m/s

C) \(\frac{101}{50}\) m/s

D) \(\frac{21}{50}\) m/s

E) \(\frac{23}{51}\) m/s

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Question 5

A car X moving of mass 500kg accelerates at 1ms-2 when the force due to engine is 600N.


A) 200N

B) 300N

C) 234N

D) 100N

E) 600N

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Question 6

Starting from rest a car of mass 1000kg accelerate steadily to 20m/s in 10 sec, what is the average power developed?


A) 0.2kw

B) 4.0kw

C) 10kw

D) 15kw

E) 20kw

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Question 7

A gun of mass 0.1kg has a bullet of mass 0.lkg the bullet laves the piston when fired at a velocity of 200m/s, find the final velocity.


A) 20m/s

B) 23m/s

C) 30m/s

D) 45m/s

E) 15m/s

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Question 8

Which of the following pairs has one vector and one scalar quantity?


A) displacement, acceleration

B) potential energy, work

C) speed, power

D) kinetic energy, force

E) velocity, momentum

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Question 9

If p is the momentum of an object, then the expression P2/m has the same units as


A) acceleration

B) energy

C) force

D) impulse

E) power

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Question 10

A ship floating in clear water of density 1000kg moves to sea-water of density 1050kg where it floats the upthrust on the ship then


A) stays constant

B) decreases

C) increases

D) increases by 0.05 times

E) decreases by 0.05 times

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