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Question 1

Which of the following statements is not true about the properties of pressure in a liquid? Pressure


at any point in a liquid is at right angle in all directions.
is the same at all points on the same horizontal plane in a liquid
decreases with height, and independent of shape and volume of the container.
is dependent on the shape and volume of the container
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Question 2

Which of the following is not a Newton’s law of motion?


A) The time rate of change of linear momentum is directly proportional to the external force applied and it takes place in the direction of the force.

B) In the absence of external forces, an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion continues in motion with a constant velocity.

C) If two objects interact, the force \(F_{12}\) exerted by object 1 on object 2 is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force, \(F_{21}\) exerted by object 2 on object 1.

D) In the presence of external forces, an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion continues in motion with a constant velocity.

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Question 3

A force of 20N is applied to a spring of elastic spring constant of 200N/m. Calculate the energy stored in the spring.


A) 2.50 J

B) 0.25 J

C) 400 J

D) 40.0 J

E) 1.0 J

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Question 4

Which of the following is not a self-luminous object?


A) glow-worm

B) star

C) moon

D) sun

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Question 5

Which of the following is not an application of Total internal Reflection?


A) Mirage

B) Binoculars

C) Optical Fibers

D) Driving mirror

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Question 6

The reading on ADE temperature scale at the ice melting point is 40\(^{\circ}\)A and 80\(^{\circ}\)A at the steam point. Calculate the reading on the Celsius scale equivalent to 50\(^{\circ}\)A


A) 25\(^{\circ}\)C

B) 40\(^{\circ}\)C

C) 45\(^{\circ}\)C

D) 60\(^{\circ}\)C

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Question 7

Calculate the heat required to convert 10g of ice at -10\(^{\circ}\)C to water at 50\(^{\circ}\)C . The specific heat capacity of ice and water are 2100 J/kgK and 4200 J/kgK respectively. The latent heat of Fusion of ice is 3.4 \(\times\) 105JK\(^{-1}\)


A) 2.10 kJ

B) 4.20 kJ

C) 3.21 kJ

D) 5.71 kJ

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Question 8

Calculate the acceleration of the system (in terms of the acceleration due to gravity, g, when it is released.


A) 0.38g

B) 0.13g

C) 0.15g

D) 0.39g

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Question 9

A train starting from rest accelerates at the rate of 6 m/s\(^2\) for 20 seconds to attain a constant speed and it further travelled for another 20 seconds and decelerates at rate of 3 m/s\(^2\) for 20 seconds. Calculate the total distance (in kilometre) traveled by the train.


A) 4.0 km

B) 4.4 km

C) 4.8 km

D) 3.6 km

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Question 10

Anomalous behavior of water refers to


A) Boiling of water at 100\(^{\circ}\)C

B) Freezing of water 0\(^{\circ}\)C

C) Contraction of water when it is heated between 0\(^{\circ}\)C and 4\(^{\circ}\)C

D) Evaporation of water at ambient temperature.

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