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Question 1

When literature recreates real events, it is said to be _______.


A) didactic

B) factual

C) fictitious

D) allegorical

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Question 2

When literature teaches moral lessons, it is said to be _______.


A) instructive

B) informative

C) didactic

D) dynamic

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Question 3

One of the following is not a function of literature


A) Inciting

B) Entertaining

C) Correcting

D) Exposing

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Question 4

As a medium for exposing and correcting ills in the society, literature is ______.


A) allegorical

B) satirical

C) political

D) abusive

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Question 5

Literature is referred to as a slice of life when it ______.


A) recounts real events

B) entertains its audience

C) reveals reality in society

D) accuses leaders of insensitiveness

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Question 6

The time of the events in a literary text is referred to as ______ setting.


A) special

B) spatial

C) temporary

D) temporal

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Question 7

What distinguishes drama from other literary genres is that it is meant to be _______.


A) read

B) acted

C) recited

D) viewed

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Question 8

The writer of a play text is referred to as ________.


A) playwriter

B) playwrite

C) playright

D) playwright

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Question 9

The major divisions of a novel is called _______.


A) chapter

B) stanza

C) act

D) scene

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Question 10

The perspective from which the story in a novel is referred to as _______.


A) angle

B) focus

C) technique

D) point of view

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