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Question 21

Among the Sunnah steps of ablution are wiping two ears, inhaling and exhaling from the nose and also


A) wiping the head again from back of the skull

B) supplication at every stage of ablution

C) brushing the teeth

D) saying the du'a aloud.

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Question 22

The prophet who assisted Prophet Ibrahīm (A.S.) in the reconstruction of the Ka'abah the


A) Ismāil (A.S).

B) Yacqūb (A.S)

C) Nūh (A.S)

D) Ishaq (A.S)

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Question 23

What are the characteristics common to most Makkan Suwar?


A) They are short and poetic

B) They are long and rhythmic

C) They are easy and rhythmic

D) They are stylistic and summative

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Question 24

Who among the six compilers of Hadith became blind before his death?


A) Ibn Maja

B) Abu Da'ud

C) Tirmidhi

D) Nasa'i

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Question 25

Who among the four rightly guided caliphs introduced the systems of Bayr at māl?


A) Abū Bakr as Siddīq

B) 'Uthmān b. 'Affān

C) 'Umar b. al-Khattāb

D) 'Ali b. ' Abī Tālib

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Question 26

'Say: I am but a man like yourselves, (but) The inspiration has come to me ...' (Q.18:110) In relation to Kalimat sh-shahādah, the verse quoted above


A) traces the origin of the expression

B) is a summary of the content

C) proves that any other prophet could take the place of Muhammed (S.A.W)

D) emphasizes a part of the content

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Question 27

The first Islamic university established is West Africa was in


A) Timbuktu

B) Aghades

C) Sankore

D) Gao

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Question 28

Mas'uliyyah as a principle of the the Islamic political system is a measure to check


A) nepotism

B) rigging

C) misappropriation

D) indiscipline

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Question 29

The outcome of the Prophet's visit to Cave Hira was


A) revelation of the Glorious Qur'an

B) compilation of the Glorious Qur'an

C) award of chieftaincy title by the Makkan aristocrats

D) his resolve to migrate to Madinah.

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Question 30

One of the importance of the first revelation was the


A) explanation of knowledge

B) description of the steps of acquiring knowledge.

C) dissemination of knowledge

D) description of the Arabian peninsula to the Prophet (SAW)

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