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Question 11

In Q.5:7, Allah says, "if ye are ill or on a journey ... and ye find no water, then perform ..."


A) wudū

B) al-ghusl

C) at-tayammum

D) qasr

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Question 12

The number of takbirat performed in a rak’ah as a unit of salāh is


A) 9

B) 8

C) 7

D) 6

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Question 13

An Imam leading prayer, forgetfully rises when he is to sit, he is alerted by saying


A) astaghfirullah

B) Allahu Akba

C) subhānallah

D) subhāna rabbial Azim

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Question 14

Fasting has been prohibited on doubtful day which is


A) 28th of Sha’aban

B) 1st of Ramadan

C) 30th of Ramada

D) 30th of Sha’aban

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Question 15

Those who are not Pilgrims are advised to fast on the day of


A) eid al-fitri

B) ashurah

C) eid al-adha

D) Arafat

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Question 16

The permission to marry up to four wives in Islam is aimed at


A) bearing more children

B) treating them equally

C) reducing the number of unmarried women

D) preventing adultery

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Question 17

The Prophet (SAW) said, "Of all things lawful, divorce is the most hateful to Allah" because it exposes the parties to


A) reconciliation

B) provocation

C) hardship

D) arbitration

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Question 18

Imam Malik was born in


A) Syria

B) Makkah

C) Madinah

D) Egypt

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Question 19

The only Sūrah in the Glorious Qur'an which must be recited in every obligatory prayer is


A) al-Fātīhah

B) al-Baqārah

C) al-Alaq

D) al-Ikhlās

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Question 20

Sūratul-Kawthar was revealed because of the Makkans'


A) insinuation

B) resistance

C) intolerance

D) persecution

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