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Question 1

The reason Mecca suwar lay emphasis on oneness of Allah is because


A) it was the only way to call Mecca to Islam

B) it is-the only article of faith

C) it is the only article of peace between Prophet Muhammad and the Mecca

D) the pre-lslamic Mecca were idolatrous

E) it is the best way to convert the Mecca to Islam

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Question 2

Uthman B. Affan reigned between


A) 634 and 644

B) 644 and 655

C) 655 and 657

D) 657 and 688

E) 644 and 656

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Question 3

The final and total prohibition of intoxicants is contained in Surah


A) al-Maidah

B) al-Imran

C) an-Nisa

D) al-Baqarah

E) al-lklas

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Question 4

Hajjatul Wada of Prophet Muhammad was delivered in


A) 632

B) 630

C) 631

D) 634

E) 628

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Question 5

Suratul-Kawthar was revealed following the _______ of the Mecca.


A) uproar

B) persecution

C) intolerance

D) resistance

E) insinuation

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Question 6

Zakat is paid on the following except ________.


A) slaves

B) cash

C) cattle

D) crops

E) all of the above

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Question 7

The initial suggestion to compile the Qu'ran was raised by


A) Adu Bakd

B) Umar B. Khattab

C) Zaid B. Thabit

D) Uthman B. Affan

E) Ali B. Abu Talib

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Question 8

One importance of wearing the Ihram during Hajj is _________.


A) it makes all Muslims equal

B) it distinguishes pilgrims by country of origin

C) it purifies the Muslims

D) it directs the mind of all Muslims towards Allah

E) it identifies pilgrims

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Question 9

The reason for the declaration of Jihad against the Islamic state of Borno by Muhammad Bello was because of the people's move towards


A) rebellion

B) extremism

C) syncretism

D) intolerance

E) fundamentalism

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Question 10

The command given to Prophet Muhammed in the revelation of the Qu'ran tells us about ________.


A) education

B) prosperity

C) worship

D) prayer

E) Allah

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