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Question 1

The mode of revelation which is regarded as inspiration through vision is known as


A) Kashf

B) Wahy

C) Risalah

D) Ru'yah

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Question 2

The object that could not be regarded to have been used for the preservation of the Glorious Qur'an among the following is


A) Stone

B) Leather

C) Paper

D) Leave

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Question 3

The Sahabah who gave suggestion to Abubakr on the need for compilation of the Qur'an was


A) Uthman b. Affan

B) Ali b. AbiTalib

C) Abdur-Rahman b. Harith

D) Umar b. Khattab

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Question 4

Tafsir al-Qur'an is an aspect of Islamic sciences and the terminology given to. it is


A) Science of the Qur'an

B) Exegesis of the Qur'an

C) Translation of the Qur'an

D) Explanation of the Qur'an

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Question 5

The term used for chain of transmitters under Hadith literature is


A) Mushraf

B) Main

C) Isnad

D) Safh

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Question 6

The great traditionist who was ordered by Umar b. Abdul-Aziz (Umar II) to write down all traditions, of the Prophet he could collect is


A) Abdur Rahman b. Hawf

B) Abdullah b. Abubakr

C) Hassan b. Ali

D) Abubakr b. Muhammad

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Question 7

Asma 'ar-Rijat under the science of Hadith is about


A) Names of the men of Hadith

B) Criticism of the narrators of Hadith

C) Soundness of Hadith

D) Collection of Haditth

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Question 8

What is the meaning of the above Hadith of the Prophet?


A) Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt

B) Keep yourself away from any innovative actions

C) Allah will not accept anything except which is pure

D) All actions are judged in accordance with intention

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Question 9

The five fundamental pillars of Islam are mentioned by Hadith ........... of An-Nawawi


A) Five

B) Three

C) Ten

D) Forty two

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Question 10

The unity of Allah in His names and attributes is described as


A) Tawhid ar-Rububiyyah

B) Tawhid alllahiyyah

C) Tawhid al-AsmS' was-Sifat

D) Tawhid al-Afhal

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