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Question 571

All the following except one are the communes of the colony of Senegal where the Policy of Assimilation was applied


A) Saint Louis

B) Rufisque

C) Goree

D) Kaolack

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Question 572

The system of imperial military rule had its deepest roots in ...


A) Ethiopia

B) Egypt

C) Sierra Leone

D) Gambia

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Question 573

Traditionally, the Efik people have accounts of their migration from the territory


A) Igbo and Nupe

B) Ibibio and Igbo

C) Uruan and Ibibio

D) Biase and Annang

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Question 574

Regionalism notable with ... may be said to have laid the foundational basis for the latter state creation in Nigeria


A) Authur Richard

B) John Macpherson

C) Oliver Lyttleton

D) Hugh Clifford

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Question 575

The Ife Civilization is most remarkable for its


A) use of terra cotta and bronze heads

B) multiplicity of idols and gods

C) its discovery of terra cotta (burnt clay)

D) use of carved woods and ivory

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Question 576

Baptists, Methodists and the ... were among the first to engage in the Liberiian Christian Mission


A) Presbyterian Church

B) United Church of Christ

C) Catholic Christian Mission

D) Episcopal Church

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Question 577

The Swazi composite is the modern ...


A) Swaziland

B) Southern Zibabwe

C) Zulu Kingdom

D) Southeastern Botswana

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Question 578

One of the following is not credited with the General Obasanjo's military regime


A) the Universal Primary Education Program

B) the Operation Feed the Nation

C) the Festival of Arts and Culture

D) the Structural Adjustment Programme

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Question 579

The Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was the resultant merger of the


A) Colony of Lagos and the Southern Protectorate

B) Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and the Northern Protectorate

C) Northern Protectorate and the Colony of Western Nigeria

D) Colony of Western Nigeria and the Protectorate of Southern and Northern Nigeria

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